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Everything here that applies to websites also applies to radio, and, **shameless plug**, that is why CelleCast exists, to give a mic to each listener, encourage them to participate, and ultimately allow talk hosts to morph into conversation leaders vs the mostly monologuers they are now.
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3 points here: 1) your point #9 is the only one I strongly disagree with. Repurposing is already a disadvantage. Newscasts and sportscasts for example will have their radio counterparts to television for a long time. Since digital video continues to be on the rise, I don't see any tolerance for audio stripped from a video production. 2) Whether Jeff is right depends on radio's leaders. I am out on the limb all the time on this one, believing they will make the right choices before fire sale decisions force them to be made on the cheap. Don't let me down guys! Call me. :-) 3) To Col Klink's point... Broadcasters are gradually converging into becoming webcasters, so the tower will be more than a singular asset, but will define a base under which all their multi-casting can be anchored. Station owners who get this are the ones that I want to have a beer with.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2009 on 10 Predictions for Radio's Next 5 Years at Hear 2.0
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love, love, love it!
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2009 on Why Radio Resists Innovation at Hear 2.0
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Excellent way to put it. No matter where you are in politics, this post illustrates a really important lesson, that I am learning every day, and try to take time to filter decisions through.
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