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Thanks for this blog post. I sometimes carry a gun for a living, and I hold a concealed carry permit in Iowa, and while I don't have perfect vision, I can see well enough to shoot, with or without my glasses. Having said that, in my experience, self-defense shootings almost always occur when one is alone, during periods of limited visibility and at shockingly close ranges. In the most likely scenarios where a person with vision impairment would need to defend themselves, their so-called "impairment" would be irrelevant. One of the gentlemen in the Des Moines Register article lives about five blocks from me. I do not have the least concern with him owning and/or having to use his firearm for self-defense. In fact, I think I should invite him to go shooting with me, now that I know he has a gun.
Thank you for this blog. I love your contrarian and apparently brutally fair depiction of the 'Stans. I was introduced to Different Stans by a friend, who thought we might be fellow travellers or possibly might see eye to eye on a few things. I blog over on In a story about my three years I spent living, studying and experiencing Afghanistan. Drew
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