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New Orleans, Baby!
A Right Brained lefty working in Higher Education with a view to re-creating the educational enterprise.
Interests: Tai Chi,Buddhism,Moleskine's,Fountain Pens!,Design-Design-Design,Seth Godin-Tom Peters-Daniel Pink,
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Aug 30, 2010
Indeed we do need a cycling, but the calendar is fierce, fast and global. We need to build in reflective awareness into our own learning process and into the design of what we create for our students. Then the idea of content changes. After all, information is free and abundant. What remains is the core mind processes and values we use to filter how and why we use knowledge. That is a different enterprise than what has developed in the industrial age. The point I want to drive forward is that we have kept a system designed to reinforce and support a fledgling industrial age and conveyor belt economics and mass production. This system works only for a world that does not exist. How does the post digital, DIY, google-wikipedia world define content? What are the values we want to enculturate and reinvigorate. We hasve yet to see the processes and systems that will thrive in this world today because they have not been built. We have tweaked and made incremental changes. But the kind of changes I am talking about will require we build in the digital age and force those prior processes to prove they are worth our effort and resources in this new dynamic. We need creativity now as never before. And we need to build it fast and furious. And that there are no answers is the whole point. WE must build anew. Thanks for the thoughtful response. I hope to continue to engage these ideas with you and others who want education to matter again as it once did.
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May 2, 2010
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May 2, 2010
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Apr 26, 2010