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Interesting Claire. It would be interesting to see what the adult you makes of it. I think I'd have loved it as a child but would have thought I was too old for it by the time it came out.
I definitely will read the next one. I'm off to look for it right now! Glad you agree with my interpretation (though I'm sure other people have concluded this many times before).
I love P.D. James and this one is superb. Glad you picked it!
Lucky you meeting Joan Aiken. She was an amazing writer. I really want to read the sequel to this one now to se what happens to Simon!
Thanks Joan! I must try to keep going better
This sounds fascinating. And great that you picked it up at random. (From another blog neglecter to another).
This sounds so interesting! I've read all the books several times, as a child and as an adult. Not for a while, though - if only I had some battered Puffins in my attic.
What a totally excellent review - hope it encourages lots of people to buy what is obviously a really interesting and enjoyable book.
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2022 on Into Egypt, by Rosalind Brackenbury at a gallimaufry
I don't handle ghost stories at all well. Dark Matter by Michelle Paver scared me so much I couldn't finish it, and I still remember the time and place where I was reading it and was unable to sleep afterwards. And when I was quite a young child, someone read us Whistle and I'll Come to You My Lad. Even the title gives me the shivers now.
Thanks Simon yes very happy to have read it. I’ve also read The Love Child and will review that soon.
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2021 on Halloween, by John Burnside at a gallimaufry
Thanks. Yes, I wish we could all sit around in pretty white dresses sewing and reading (unless we’re men, of course, though no reason wy they shouldn’t too if they feel like it).
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2021 on Woman Reading at Harriet Devine's Blog
I've never read her but you've made me long to read The Hidden River - it sounds right up my street. Off to find a copy.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2021 on next year’s reading week at a gallimaufry
You are right. And yes she’s one to add to your list. Enjoy!
Yes - I like to read more of Gardam - I’ve read and loved the Old Filth trilogy, but little else. But as you say, she’s pretty popular already.
Great series of reviews. I hope someone else may do STW next year, but also that you find someone else that I could learn to love. I haven't read either Storm Jameson or Alice Thomas Ellis so either would be fine for me. Jane Gardham might be another possibility? or is she too well known? Please put me in the draw for The True Heart. x
Indeed. Yes you are right about the potential anchoress - no reason, just seems nobody can be bothered to do anything about it
Sounds wonderful. Definitely my next STW read.
Yes indeed. I’m. Now reading her earlier novel, The Spoilt Kill, also in BL. It’s excellent too.
Sounds like a wonderful collection. You've made me long to read it.
This is such a good one, Helen - I know you’ll enjoy it. I’ve read Snow - liked that too
Aha! I actually didn't remember that this was coming soon but I recently got The Corner That Held Them on someone's recommendation and am halfway through reading it. So I'll be able to contribute. Hooray.
Yes I read your review Liz. I didn’t expect to enjoy this at all, so I was delighted to find out how much I did! Yes poor woman a total monster.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2021 on Tension by E M Delafield at Harriet Devine's Blog
Yes it’s excellent Helen. I’m sure you’ll like it. I’ve read lots of Elizabeth Taylor but not The Soul of Kindness. Must seek it out.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2021 on Tension by E M Delafield at Harriet Devine's Blog
Thanks Simon. I’ve found Delafield’s complete works on kindle for 99p so I’ll certainly be reading more soon.
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2021 on Tension by E M Delafield at Harriet Devine's Blog