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I'm sure its a matter of mood. I certainly wasn't in the right one. But I won't give up on Bowen!
I've read about half the biography and got s bit bored, I'm afraid!
I loved The Killing. I’ll definitely give this one a try. Lovely weather here too. H x
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I've never watched Line of Duty - sounds like strong stuff but I'm tempted. I could watch on iplayer as, though I live in France, I have a VPN - do you know about these? Email me if you want further info. Good luck with the book.
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Yes indeed - and as I said in my answer to the previous comment, this hasn't been sold as SF anyway, though I suppose it might be loosely classified that way. I wish I could remember which of his novels I started and took a dislike to - maybe it was The Unconsoled! Anyway I'm delighted to have my opinion overturned. I've only just started Never Let Me Go but I'm already hooked.
You are quite right, of course. I should add that this novel is not advertised as SF and nor was the McEwan. My reaction to SF dates from a time when all the novels I read seemed tone about strange beings from other planets and intergalactic travel. The Asimov still falls into that category, but it's also a detective novel and I loved it. This one and the McEwan are set in a near future in our own world.
I’ve read quite a few reviews. Almost all of them very admiring! I’ll be interested to hear what you think if you decide to give it a try.
I read this when it first came out and this has reminded me how much I enjoyed it. I can't imagine that the Indian point of view would be a very positive one, apart presumably on those women who took the trouble to learn the languages and respect the culture. Have you read The Siege of Krishnapur by J G Farrell? A wonderfully vivid recreation of the Cawnpore mutiny which managed to be both horrific and funny. I keep meaning to re-read it.
I’ll definitely be reviewing Klara whatever I think of it. I didn’t like The Remains of the Day and another one I can’t remember the title of. I love The Heat of the Day - you’ve made me feel in need of a re-read. Haven’t read Caught and always meant to read The End of the Affair but so far haven’t. Of course this one is non-fiction/memoir button the worse for that.
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To be honest - since this review appeared in 2015, I can’t really help - I would need to read it again to check on these fine details. I probably will read it again sometime, but meanwhile must leave you in the dark. Thanks for commenting, though.
I too liked Once Upon a River much more than The Thirteenth Tale - didn't really like the film of that one either. I haven't read Piranesi - couldn't convince myself that I'd like it. Like you I read far far more than I ever blog about. The best book I've read recently (and did blog about) was Chelsea Concerto by Frances Faviell. An amazing blog by blog first hand account of living in London through the Blitz. I'm about to start listening to the audiobook of Ishiguro's Klara and the Sun. I haven't much enjoyed any of his books up tons so we'll see if this is any different.
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It’s far from gruelling Liz. She’s very witty at times and there’s a lot about the blitz spirit. I think Lucy Worsley has carved out a role for herself as a challenger of received ideas about history - and very useful that can be. But people with a thesis to prove are only too often prone to twisting facts to fit it. The documentary is well worth watching, though - there are interesting revelations about how the government handled it all - not well, to start with.
I feel sure you will. It’s an exceptional book.
Yes indeed that really struck me too!
Sounds magical if rather creepy.
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Welcome back! Look forward to some reviews as and when...
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Apparently she went on to write another nine novels, of which only Miss Plum and Miss Penny is the only one in print. I haven't read it but rather gather it's not as good as this one, which is as you say delightful.
I know what you mean, Liz. It's definitely one to re-read!
Thanks Simon - double thanks, as I think it was you who suggested the book to the BL? I read your 2019 review and saw how much you'd loved it.
Thanks Audrey. Yes a brilliant scene. So glad to have discovered her.
To be honest I liked Tipping the Velvet less than her other novels. My favourite is probably The Night Watch, which I’ve read several times - in fact when I’d finished the first reading I went straight back to the beginning and started again. It has a reverse chronological structure so it’s fascinating to see how she managed it all. Similar trick to the one in this novel. She is amazing.
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Brilliant. Well done and many thanks.
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Thanks. And same to you!
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You're our non-fiction star over on Shiny, Liz - it's great to get one's comfort zone extended!
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2021 on Best Reads of 2020 at Harriet Devine's Blog
Claire I'm sure you'll love them both!
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