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Me too for Yaki. I can clearly remember him in the TV series - the actor was Ronald Pickup - excellent. Of course Guy was Ken Branagh, who seems quite a nice chap so he probably made Guy less odious!
Thanks for this. I think I’d heard of this but haven’t got around to reading it. Any STW is bound to be worth reading!
Thanks for this. Look forward to checking out the link.
Today was publication date so I expect we both timed our reviews to coincide. How very funny that you had your own Guy Pringle. Oblivious is certainly the word for this one. Another comment has said that Harriet stands up for herself more in the Levant trilogy. I hope that’s true.
So glad you enjoyed it. Yes I didn’t like Guy at all and thought he behaved outrageously. It’s supposed to be very autobiographical so I feel sorry for poor Olivia. Glad to hear Harriet started standing up for herself!
So glad you agree. I think this one is possibly the best for me - Ive loved them all but in fact would not rate Faithful Place as highly as this one.
Glad you enjoyed them - made me laugh a lot.
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Thanks. I thought of you.
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It’s a wonderful story, isn’t it!
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2020 on Another Cat at Harriet Devine's Blog
It is a terrible title! And from my experience. expecting any of STW's books to be like any of her other books is not helpful. But the more you read of her the more you get the feeling of the fascinating mind behind it all.
The title obviously gives no indication at all of what it might be about! I certainly avoided it myself for a while, but fortunately read a bit about it and realised I would probably love it. Highly recommended!
These sound lovely - how wonderful it must have been to have known her.
Helen apparently the Penguin edition is not coming out till the end of the year, even on Kindle. I got it on Kindle shoehsw, not sure how! It is an excellent book, so well worth reading.
Here's my review of Mr Fortune's Maggot.
For a long time I've had the idea that I once read this novel. But I can't have done as I don't recognise it at all. Very happy to find there's another STW to look forward to!
I'm reading Mr Fortune's Maggot. Review coming soon. I have a couple of old blog posts I'm going to re-run too. Really looking forward to seeing everyone's reviews.
I read this recently and loved every minute. Excellent review.
Joan I have a cat who does the exact same thing. Even if I get up to fetch a glass of water, she’s sitting in my spot by the time I get back!
Liz I have mixed feelings about novels about real people. I’ve just read Hamnet and liked it very much, and I could name others I’ve liked too. But it’s a bit of minefield!
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2020 on Miss Austen by Gill Hornby at Harriet Devine's Blog
Glad you love it. You should google her - she has so many cat paintings. Sometimes she puts a cat in an old master painting.
Janakay the book is intriguing and I''m sorry if I've put you off. But delighted to hear I'm not alone in my pickiness. I too devoured historical fiction at one time, but I do find myself irritated by language blunders these days.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2020 on Miss Austen by Gill Hornby at Harriet Devine's Blog
Michelle Ann I'm relieved to find I'm not a lone voice crying in the wilderness. I think you are right about need to be a more 'mature' reader to start noticing these things.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2020 on Miss Austen by Gill Hornby at Harriet Devine's Blog
Yes indeed Simon! And I’m sure I owe you for introducing me to Young via Miss Mole.