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The importance and productivity of human capital will soon receive a boost from the nonprofit Humaneering Technology Initiative (HTI), which has been developing an applied science that integrates research-based findings across the more than a hundred science disciplines that inform the optimal design and management of today’s post-industrial human work. Humaneering synthesizes evidence-based knowledge relevant to human nature just as engineering has synthesized evidence-based knowledge relevant to physical nature. In practice, humaneering serves as an intermediary science that distills, synthesizes, and field-validates research-based knowledge for convenient application by individuals and organizations to maximize human capital development, utilization and performance. When released, humaneering, similar to engineering, will be institutionally maintained in the public domain for free access. Without humaneering, engineering has since the Industrial Era been unwittingly used not only for its intended purpose (e.g., design of physical structures like bridges, buildings, machines, physical materials, etc.), but also for designing predominantly human systems, and doing so without much appreciation for human nature (e.g. work space, organization structure, work role, performance management, etc.), a practice that becomes less effective and less tolerable every decade since the Industrial Era. HTI is opening its first public website in February 2017. Already available from the placeholder webpage are two article reprints detailing the backstory on humaneering's development. These will be informative to anyone with interest in human capital.
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Jan 15, 2017