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Perhaps the biggest question here is what this guy's idea of a men's room is.
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I've heard three incidents of nasty behavior arising out of professional jealousy from Bouchercon and the literary world in the last week. This kind of petty resentment is just foreign to me. Because I'm too damn busy being my own worst critic and trying to get work done. But for a certain kind of author or figure in the publishing world, nothing is ever enough. For others (and I count myself in this category), every small success is a marvelous surprise, a hilarious outcome you cannot believe that clashes against that inner voice who wishes to put forth that you are an impostor. The best way to deal with even the smallest success is to be yourself, be interested in others, and not take things all that seriously. Better to devote anxieties to what really counts: putting out the best work you can.
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Sep 24, 2013