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Okay, maybe this is stupid but why are we accepting the Hadley e mail as a bonafide original e mail sent by Rove? Isn't it easier to create a fake e mail out of whole cloth? The Hadley e mail is oddly worded, self serving and I believe created after the fact.
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2007 on Rove's Hadley Email at The Next Hurrah
What a wonderful article without the Vicki spin!
Just a theory: the reason why the juror wanted a dictionary was to look up "reasonable". I'm surprised that John Hannah atestment to Libby's "notorious" memory is having any effect: no one else he worked with--Addington, Martin--cited it. I can only imagine that the jury is wondering why these seemingly inocuous statements warrant a perjury charge. BTW, Judge Walton apparently has memorialized a memoradum stating that Libby (if he is found guilty) could have helped his case by calling seral witnesses including his AA, Addington, and of course, Cheney.
I believe Fitzpatrick deliberately did not call Cheney as a witness. He has no interest in getting into an executive privilege battle with the WH. Wells took the bait so far. Bush/Cheney may still raise executive privilege, which of course they would win. At that point, Libby can cry foul because he is being denied "best evidence" as Cheney to support his defense. I doubt that Cheney will ever see the courtroom in 2007, but I will gladly eat those words with the soda and popcorn as I watch the trial.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2006 on A Really Good Reason to Call Dick at The Next Hurrah
Somehow, a bunch of Muslim brothers talking about "killing all the devils" was something said repeatedly in the 60's and 70's. These boys (like the Yemeni boys) are a group of wannabes with no possible way of actualizing a plan. That's the National security plan: protect us from the brown and black people. Osama must be laughing in his cave!
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2006 on Brother Naz' Timing at The Next Hurrah
Another WAG Alert. Well I'm hoping Leopold has it right. One thing I'd like to point out is that everyone seems to be accepting the Rove spin that this is just about his forgetting his conversation with Matt Cooper. I maintain that the real charge will be obstruction. I think that Fitzgerald has had the "original" Hadley memo since February 2004. I say original, because the Hadley memo proffered by Rove never sounded quite right: it was too subserviant in tone. I think Rove has made active moves to obscure his role in the Plame Affair and that is what will be the most serious charge. Luskin will be lucky if hedoesn't get a slap on the hands himself.