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Funnily enough i was recorded by a couple of guys who were producing a podcast for the ESRC, and they recorded onto a minidisk! i had thought the minidisk was dead, zombie technology, back from the grave :-)
i think university press offices might start doing more than stuff like this (didn't read the original article so don't know if that was mentioned). a business school close to where i work *coughs* already employs a PR firm to boost their research and researchers. I wouldn't be suprised if this included social media...
congrats, a decent time! although by the looks of the photo there is nobody behind you... One of my fav authors (murakami) has written an autobiographical book about the relationship between running and writing which might be relevant here. I think his main points were about self discipline and deferred rewards (like the post race beer!).
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i was reading something just the other day about how facebook received 250,000 job applicants in 2010 ( and i'm sure when i was doing my masters in a management school we were told that accenture gets a million applications worldwide! and you think you've got problems! :-p
i've been looking at YouTube quite a lot lately and came across this example of a YouTube book I've not had a good chance to browse it yet, but it's a deliberate attempt to mashup the video and text (i think individual sections are called texteos). If you haven't already seen it, you might find it interesting!
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currently kicking a few ideas around for this book myself, think i've been through 3 or 4 so far, i think it's that time of year for a 'fun' writing project! i've read your early draft and i think that the zombie scholar has got legs, i think it captures quite nicely some of the things that we were talking about for disco (from disco to zombie, thriller?!) especially the idea that new entrants to academia end up adopting moribund practices, as you say the film clip illustrates it rather nicely. i've been reading wade davies' 'passage of darkness' which is an ethnographic account of zombie culture in haiti and what's interesting there (apart from the fact that there is a pharmacological explanation to zombie-ism) is the functional role of zombie within voodoo culture, in that they are a necessary tool for social order. i've also stumbled across this site which is quite interesting, although i can't work out how serious it is... all in all i'm drowning in ideas at the moment! good luck with the chapter though!
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Dec 6, 2010