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Thanks Mike. Your attitude of quiet acceptance and encouragement of the kids resonated with me. The older I get, the less I cope with harsh judgement and critical attitudes. I read somewhere......"be kinder than necessary, because everyone is facing some kind of struggle."
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Hi, total originality will likely be incomprehensible, but can be very funny!
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Hi Mike, it seems that with digital, the editing emphasis has shifted from pre-shutter to post-download, that's all. Maybe this tends to make it less discriminatory. I recall you wrote a series of articles somewhere along the way on putting together a portfolio, where the process of picture selection was a major issue. This may now be more relevant than ever. How's the dog? cheers
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Thanks, Steve. I like the shift in emphasis in this post to output. What's made the biggest difference to me is having a good quality printer. My Epson 3880 is the most expensive piece of photographic equipment I've ever bought. It's like a darkroom in a box! and I love the look of black and white pics on Museo portfolio rag......warm, rich, better than I ever consistently achieved in the darkroom. I care less about the source of the file than the quality of the output. I'm getting a lot more of my old negs printed and on the digital output!
Great to hear your complimentary comments about my profession! Thank you. And that you've received such wonderful service. I've been in practice for 33 years and still enjoying it! The (5) children have all left home and today on ebay I bought my 1st LEICA! ...M6 body. Like a child waiting for Christmas! Now, what lens?? Got my eye on a Summicron 35 or a Zeiss 35 f2. .......all inspired of course by the Leica for a year post. Read about them for decades and now I can try one for a year and find out what all the hoo-hah is about. Shot with an OM1 and then an FE2 for years. D200 in more recent times. BTW....I've needed a couple of root canal treatments myself! No fear!
Hi Mike, as a dentist I would love to help but I live "down under"! There is some commonality between the 2 disciplines. Both dentistry and photography use applied technology to achieve aesthetic objectives. A restored tooth can be a "work of art" but whether it can ever be "art" as a photograph can, I can't say! I have enjoyed reading The Empirical Photographer, and am pleased to discover I am an amateur not a hobbyist! Probably not an artist, but with years of pics of children growing up, and now grandchildren, I take photos with an eye to the light and expression which are satisfying to both me and the family. Striving to be a good artisan is at least a realistic goal, and perhaps enough.
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