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I think the film must have indeed existed. The WorldCat shared library database has a record for it (5550645), but with almost no details - and doesn't even say which library entered the information in the first place! Maybe it's buried away at the Library of Congress? (Not all their materials are listed online.) It will be a challenge to find, certainly.
Egads. I've also got an "It's o.k. to say no" album, except instead of teaching kids not to talk to strangers, mine teaches kids to tell their parents if they're being abused. (Mine also originally came with a coloring book, but it was gone. I shudder to think what it looked like.) I see that both these albums seem to use the same tactic - making children paranoid about everyone around them. I remember being told lots of times as a kid not to talk to strangers - by my parents, teachers, tv cartoons - and all of them managed to get the message across without serious fear and psychological scarring. I think this album was well-meant by whoever made it, but ended up being rather heavy-handed.