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Another vote against e-editions To come quickly to the point, do you think that any of the e-edition software vendors have clients other than newspapers or magazines? Probably not, because anyone else building content for the web would build their content for the web, not shovel a Quark PDF into a Flash presentation. Newspapers have a hammer (their print design infrastructure) and so everything they see is a nail. That is a flawed perspective on the world. If big Flash presentation were better than web pages, they would be used more often and be less derided by people who care about the web. And also there are those e-edition software vendors. Everyone is making money selling solutions to Newspapers. We need to learn that we are technology companies and start to invest in the ability to produce this stuff in house. Just my perspective, from a small daily in the South East.
Wouldn't it have been cheaper to have avoided the war in the first place and just bought out Saddam Hussein and continued to use his country as a balance again Iranian interests? That balancing act, by the way, was the theory used by some fairly popular Republican presidents. Then we could have looked like good guys (by stopping the sanctions that alienated the international community in the first place) and still have been successful S.O.B's. Just asking... :-)
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2007 on 'Win Dirty' at Wampus Cat Report