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Mar 15, 2010
Nice story. I can't believe this chivalry hasn't happened to you many times before; maybe men sense your inner power 8-)
According to the BBC Science section, pigeons average 3-5 years in the wild. Captive pigeons can live for 15 years but some have been known to live for up to 35 years.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2009 on Stumpy the pigeon back? at cnewmark
Very relaxing post. Thanks. Leo Babauta has a wonderful blog you may already know. I like this post especially: The 10 Essential Rules for Slowing Down and Enjoying Life More at
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Do less. (It sounds like you have already tried everything else I can think of.)
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Congrats, Tom. Welcome to the big experiment. We need all the thoughtful and caring people we can get.
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Good topic and thanks for the links, but you say hardly anything about your personal "quest" for servant-leadership. That would be interesting. Richard - Good point. I'll address my personal quest in a post next week. Thanks - Kent
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2006 on Servant-Leadership at Kent Blumberg
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Great post. I love the campfire metaphor, but kind of shudder at the implied oxymoron, "corporate family." Also, I am a birder, and if I squint, all five of the bullet points at the end could be applied to backyard birding: provide clean water year round; put out foods to attract different species, and keep away the cats.
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2006 on Friendships at work at Kent Blumberg
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