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Sharon Lamb
Sharon Lamb is a licensed psychologist, college professor, mom, and author of several books including, Packaging Girlhood, and Lyn Mikel Brown is a developmental psychologist, professor, mom, and author of several books including their shared book, PACKAGING GIRLHOOD.
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Mar 15, 2010
I loved presenting at your school. What a smart, savvy collection of girls you are. And meeting Batgirl and Spiderwoman was a highlight! I'll send a pdf of the presentation to your school and ask that they let you know it's available.
Thanks Amy, Currently writing a review of The Lolita Effect so won't comment except to say -- agree with the outrage and like the exercises at the ends of chapters, but finding some problems with the book's referencing and support of some of the ideas. The cover is offensive. Most authors can reject covers their publishers choose. Does Gigi Durham speak of this choice or lack of choice in any of her interviews? The Sexualization of Girls Task Force members rejected that very image (little girl putting on lipstick) -- our report cover avoids sexualizing and blaming girls. We went with outrageous t-shirt slogans and pictures of REAL girls!!! And BRIAN, Thanks for such thoughtful analysis. And re:LYN, She certainly does have a way with words!
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2008 on The Lolita Bedroom Set at Packaging Girlhood
Just looking at smart women and marketing blogs and found this one. I write about girls and marketing, PACKAGING GIRLHOOD ( and write a bit about how the marketing to girls about technology depends on stereotypical notions of what girls like -- pink, Barbies, make-up, something I think is keeping girls thinking they're getting "girl versions" of techn while boys get the realy thing!
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2006 on The Technology Diet Update I at Lipsticking
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