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Good stuff, but it seems that your sarcasm is being taken for gospel. These are no contact drills. I think we all know that if he can stay healthy, Ricky will be the real deal, but most everything else is a big, fat ???. It should be fun to see how Jason Ferguson handles the middle of the line when pre-season starts. He has a great attitude, and should provide solid leadership on the field. To me, that may be more important to this team than having JT, who is more of a role model, as opposed to a leader. That's not to say we couldn't use Taylor, just that he's not really the leader type, in my opinion. I think that shows in how he is asking for a trade, when he should want to stay, and show all the newcomers what it means to be a Dolphin.
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Two games come to mind: First and foremost is the 1981 AFC Divisional game between the Dolphins and San Diego when Kellen Winslow(no, his dad) came off the bench, exhausted, and continued to play like a hall of famer. The second would be the lone playoff game that I saw live. The 1984 Dolphins-Seahawks Divisional playoff game that the Dolphins won 31-10, and was great revenge from the season before.
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So, you don't think there may be a GM out there willing to give up a 3rd round pick for Taylor if they believed they could win a Lombardi Trophy this year? Get real. Even if it's only for one year, that price doesn't seem too steep to me if my job hinges on winning a championship, and I'm thisclose to getting there. It would be even more tempting if I've been on the cusp for a while, like the Chargers have been.
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