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If you are implying that it is a problem that both parties participate in, I must disagree. The civil services is completely dominated by corrupt democrats at the federal, state and local level. Find as many examples of the persecution of democrats as have been found of the persecution of republicans and conservatives, and I'll change my mind. I don't think you will be able to, because the Democratic Party is a criminal enterprise, and has been for years.
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Here is my note to Mr. Satullo: This is not for publication, because contrary to your probable beliefs, it is still possible to lose your job for your beliefs in this day and age, but only if you are a conservative like me. "The waterboarding, the snarling dogs, the theft of sleep - all the diabolical tricks haven't made us safer. They may have averted this plot or that. But they've spawned new enemies by the thousands, made the jihadist rants ring true to so many ears." This paragraph may be the most disingenuous piece of claptrap written in a newspaper in the past year. As such it will probably earn you a Pulitzer, since those prizes have become utterly debased and actually represent what honest people should regard as a dishonor. I also hope it will someday (soon) be cited as the epitaph of the newspaper you write for. The media has become infatuated with playing at a fantasy role as a fourth branch of government that does not have to bother with messy details like getting elected and being held accountable for anything, but which holds everyone else up to scrutiny based on their own political beliefs. I will not try to explain to you how perverted the view you express is compared to the actual reality of the world, because it is your own ears to which those "jihadist rants ring true". I only hope that misguided fools like you do not manage to undo the great work that America is doing in freeing millions from tyranny around the world. The most positive thing I can say about your work is that I am giving you the benefit of the doubt by assuming you are a fool, and not something far worse. No reply is necessary... you have established the utter worthlessness of your viewpoint beyond any doubt already.
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Dear Philadelphia Inquirer, Please die faster, in order to mitigate the stench of your hypocrisy and treachery as soon as possible. Have a nice day, but not too many more, okay?
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When the administration says "How will it play to public opinion?", what they really mean is "We aren't sure how soon the media will let us win." We cannot win until the media admits we have won, and they are far from granting us victory yet. I am not saying that is right, but that is just the way it is, because the media has decided it has a role to play in US politics and war, and that role is not a neutral one. For now, we need to get the media's permission to win this thing. Hopefully, some day, perhaps when many of the men and women who actually defeated the enemy are in political office, there will come a reckoning on this, and the media will be either re-established as an ethical profession, or destroyed and rebuilt in a form that is more benign to American security. I don't much care which it is, just as they do not today apparently care much about this country's security, unless it conforms to their political priorities and positions.
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