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I'm not understanding that map of domestic violence, John. Brothers use gas and sisters use water and the police never get involved in domestic violence. What kind of fairy tale is this? Obviously I'm missing something. And where are the CEOs, bankers and stepped-on-reactionaries on this list? Frankly, this is the sort of "targeting" I'd expect from Pinochet's enforcers - typical of the authoritarian mind. Nonsense. Maybe there is no link between columns - making it just a bunch of lists and no map at all. Useless that way too. What about our toxic food system, the medical cabal, the grid, etc...?
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John's list is daunting. I'm 55 and I've done a bunch of it and despair of working my way through the bioengineering and fabtech before I die. I'm a half-farmer, half-writer, half-internet geek now and don't see ever running out of stuff to learn there. But it is exactly the advice my step-father gave me years ago. Learn a trade; go to college to study the arts. [He did printer, merchant marine and Harvard - go figure.] And don't go into debt because then all avenues will close off. Don't go into debt. My two boys are applying to college now or soon. One of them wants to study English or History and the other wants to go into some variation of organized crime. The latter has an intuitive grasp of the globalguerrilla concept; I'm not sure as an entitled teenager he understands how much work it will be.
The same technology helps the US monitor communications with Iran as helps the Iranians monitor communications with US. Seems like "single use" to me. All of this "information" is there because it's more "efficient" to organize culture and society with interconnected systems. The net result is not more resources but the same or fewer resources spread further - more brittle. What do the police do when every surveillance camera gets trashed on Guy Fawkes day? Ask for a bigger budget? cfm
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Hmmm, link to Elizabeth Warring video
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Elizabeth Warren talks about the education industry extracting every last dollar from the students here. Preparing today's students for the needs of tomorrow's businesses. Indeed. Of course, the military is a good alternative. Off to Iraq where one won't see the likes of the Highway of Death or Fallujah or "why Iraq" tunes one admirably well to business as usual. The biggest problem we humans face is "the lies we tell ourselves" so we can continue our planetary assault in good conscience before our God. That $400 per year per student is - if my memory is correct - only 10% of the tuition I paid annually at MIT in the mid-70s. Even then, the $4k didn't cover the actual cost. The goals of the institution and society at that time meant education was underpriced - a terrible situation the educational certificate mills have worked ever since to remedy. At $400 per year per student, make it free but for earnest money. That's a change in societal values that such a university would require. Every student emerges debt free. cfm
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