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I start to wonder where this gap comes from. Is it our parent's fault? Or is it technology's fault? It might be a bit of both. Maybe because we were so occupied with technology that our parents just didnt have the time to spend telling us about the past. That would mean that back then, because The Greatest Generation was less distracted with technology, parents had more time to talk to their kids. It would be interesting to find figures on time spent with family now vs 100 years ago. I think we would see a huge time gap. I imagine back then it was, "Mom whats this?" and Mom would answer, "Well my Mom told me that....". Now-a-days I can not only get facts about "this" but also chat about "this" with people all around the world. If it was up to me, sorry mom, I would choose the internet. We all know how verbal communication can get a bit "fishy" (referring to the extra inches fish grow when stories are told about them)
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1)Samurai Jack By far my favorite show. Wasnt able to watch it that much growing up because I didnt get cartoon network at home but when I first moved to NY I watched every episode like it was my first time. Its a perfect mix of serious ninja fighting and goofy childish humor. Highly recommended. 2)South Park Even though I didnt understand much of what was going on in this show many of the one liners my friends and I would use came from South Park. I would sneak in a couple of episodes a month at friends' places or late night when everyone was sleeping because of the mature content that Im sure my parents would still not approve of to this day. I have very fond memories of laughing a lot with friends when we spoke about this show. 3)Seinfeld & 4) 3rd Rock from the Sun These shows were especially memorable for me not so much because of the content but more because it was a show my whole family liked. I remember a lot of laughs and smiles when these shows came on. 5)The Screen Savers Im sure no one in NY heard of The Screen Savers on TechTV but for me it was a pivotal part of my interest in computing. It was about a half a dozen computer geeks talking about anything having to do with electronics everyday for an hour. I remember taping shows and getting super excited when it came on.
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Mar 31, 2011