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Hybrids are the SUV's of 2010's They make a killing off of them. They get the greenies who dont drive more than the Electric range and still get all of the ongoing costs of an normal gas car If Tesla can produce a car with a range for 40k that could be a game change that would put alot of dealerships out of business. Which wont happen because to many politician will block Tesla in there state
niobium is rarer than lithium to make it afforable need a more abundant element
If they are Ass produced I dont care if they are affordable, worth seeing
darn it they have already created the cow dung battery
this is way early, it is just an idea maybe i can get 800k to develop my cow poo battery helps the environment and creates energy
tax credit is like obama money comes out of everyone pocket in taxes and higher fees or one less teacher Everyone in the usa gets the priveledge of paying for someone to buy a car that wouldnt be bought on merits. I dont see tax credits on may corolla
Car companies dont want to develop BE cars. Because they lose all of the on going maintenance oil changes, fluids, belts, transmission fluids. A true BE would be motor,battery,brakes and tires Average car maintance in the usa last year was about 500 dollars Plus it would be fun to see how many Exxon executies are on car company board of directors
as i have pointed out before CD is using moores law cars use chemistry until they come up with something differnt than lithium ion car batteries are not going to get that much cheaper. Secondly VW and all car makers are in it for profit not charity. VW has as diesel now that get 50 plus mpg but they charge 5000 more. So they can get both customers, If the E-GOLF every gets much cheaper VW will lower the cost of the GOLF. Nothing would make me happier than not to have to go to the Gas station. But if profit is to be made someone is going to pay.
Still at 30000 dollars for the e-golf compared with 19000 for the golf with 33 mpg you have to drive it 66000+ miles to get you money back but here where i live it is 3.50 right now that is over 100 thousand miles and probably be almost 5 years how much are you going to get for the e-golf in tradein compared to the golf both with 100 thousand miles
two things about kellys comments each time i check there are another billion people in the world 60 years old is the new 40 and more and more people live to be 100
It is called economics of a car company they want to sell both cars VW has been making diesels that get better MPG than the gasoline version for a premium. After 20 years of making the diesel i am sure they could make it for the same price but they know one part of the buyers will pay the premium and one part wants to keep the cost down
@kelly your comments about the price of EV's getting cheaper is worng. There are several studies been done that show People assume that since Electronics get cheaper that EV's will get cheaper Electronics get cheaper because you can stuff more into the little space. Batteries are chemical the same size fits all so until someone comes up with a totally different kind of battery or discovers an new chemical that no one knew existed (maybe dark matter)
no he was replacing horse and carriage not cars with cars
it is called marketing boys, Ford or any car maker will supply a high cost hybrid calculating how much above the non hybrid it needs to be priced so those evironmentally concerned buyers will pay the price and the cost concerned buyers will by the other one. just like the volkswagon diesel get a better mpg than the gas one does but strangley it cost more than enough to make up for the fuel costs.
I originally drank the koolaid I dreamed of solar panels on my roof charging my BEV Nobody is going to get rich from that so it isnt going to happen
Vaporware is vaporware and wackie tobacco is enlightening Any new battery technology will be a least a decade if not longer to get into a car. Too many lawyers. No big car company is going put anything into all of our stupid hands until they have tested it out every possible stupid thing we do like, what happens if i drive my electric car in flooded new york, stupid or not the lawyers will sue Plus it is not in the car companies benefit to pursue a BEV when they get more profit from HEV and HEV SUV, these are there new SUV's and reality is reality and that means lithium will come down until it becomes an in demand and it wll go back up in price as all limited minerals do
with an electric spark oh maybe we have the worlds larget arc welder
50,000 miles of tire pouncing wander what the affect on the motors also you would want to make sure you dont hit any potholes, replacing motors and tires
yes kelly and also laserdisc, 8track, betamax for everything mass producable and usefull there are dozens that go nowhere
well Harvey lets cut out the middleman everyone has to drive the google driving car no need for traffic cops, zero fatalities no speeding or running red lights no drunk drivers no distracted drivers because cars pollute better not drive to a vacation or around the lake because we are polluting other peoples air so you can only drive to work and back this shoud be a panacea please let me off on MARS
more and more of a nanny state plus how does replacing police with cameras create a job, looks to me like me you a getting rid of a job
Not saying that the range needs to be 500 miles but somebody is suppose to supply you with a connection at work. There are 100 people at my office is the company suppose to pay for that without charging So the company is suppose to put a few for the early adopters, and who is paying for that, obama money. Or putting them in parking lots or having the city put them in like parking meters. Somebody has to pay for that. A battery that can be swapped out if needed like you propane grills if you need longer range otherwise charge at night at home