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The only way this will succeed for that much money is if you outlaw all the other cars 6000 dollars buys alot of gas
if we had dollar gas again the economy would pick up from cheaper goods and traveling but dollar gas is never going to happen again
I wonder if this one of the many apps the google will have the kill switch on. and I wonder how long until anonymous hacks into it and sends all the cars off the cliff like lemmings
then why is the oil higher during obama than 2000-2004 must be that oil baron obama getting rich 2011 Average $86.84 2010 Average $71.21 2009 53.56/$53.48 2004 Average $37.41
well regardless of whether there is a need for an suv Since the profits are so high the car makers will be pushing them heavily
here is my excuse for work hey boss there was a suprise heat wave last night my battery is drained cant make it into work
automakers taking advantage of the sitiutation trying to make a big profit on the early adopters and if they arent bought they will say there is no market. if the volt were sold at the prius price then that would be something the difference in sticker price 12000 buys alot of gas i was going to trade my corolla in on a new 55mpg vw until i saw the 7k sticker bump
i always think it is funny that they always say it is do to turmoil in the middle east last time i checked there has been fighting in the middle east for 4000 years\
more fun car to drive than the prius plus the prius 4 to 5k more so in 100000 miles with 4 dollar gas you arent saving any money driving a prius 100,000/55 =1818 * 4 =7272 100,000/33 =3030 * 4= 12121 now if you are just wanting to buy the least amount of gas then prius buy far, but if you are looking to save money.
actually unless it is a national tax if you live in a city on a state line whose tax are you going to pay
in theory sound cool but in practice truck driver passes it onto his customer who passes it on to the people of minnesota in the cost of the products on the shelves
future why worry about it, the world ends in 20 months
i guess that arpa just wasting money again
as this website just said As demand for these technologies continues to increase, rare earths are rapidly becoming more expensive due to limited global supply—prices of many have increased 300-700% in the past year. new battery technoloy takes 10 years are only hope is the new iron air battery they are working on
aj_vin i am sorry you are living in BS scientic american had a story on it and so did cnn I am not saying there is a shortage just like oil but in order to increase profits it will be many many year before a cost effective BEV
I can see it now Pay me up front or overtime at 5 dollars a gallon you would pay 12500 over 100,000 miles for 40 mpg 18000 dollar car which is 30k or pay 32k for the first few years or 41k after that for a volt assuming never buy gas They are already hinting of the lithium shortage and i am sure it will become a commodity like oil Then the batteries will add to the price of the car and go up in price because of demand and the leaf which should cost less than 20k will cost 30k so we will just be paying for the gas up front
but why do the diesels have to be 7000 dollars more than the gas model havent done the math but it will take quite awhite to pay it back
GM paid attention because they are obama motors 5 years is a long time in the automotive industry with all the new ways of designing cars
no concepts are a way to make everybody think things are moving forward when they arent
enough of the concepts everyday concept this concept that how about a car for sale
another diesel car not going to be in the american market so i can pay for the eletric cars
30 dollars a barrel If it is ever built it will be selling for about 10 dollars a barrel less the normal diesel