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San Francisco, CA
Product at @EdElements. Teach for America alum. Dancer, Japanophile, Geek.
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Ruh roh! Try this one:
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Jan 5, 2014
No worries! Great blog.
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May 20, 2012
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Jul 13, 2011
Poor taste!
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Congratulations! If you made it in, you'll do great!
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Economic Modernization of Japan w/ Ferber-sensei: excellent. She'll kick your butt. Comparative Lit (Murakami vs American authors): also a pleasure. Anything with Pokarier is fun. Baak sucked. In general, audit classes with Japanese professors before you commit to them. Some are great, but many are boring and/or don't speak much English.
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Aug 5, 2010
No idea, sorry.
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I'm long gone from Tokyo, but I did fill out those evaluation forms honestly after every class :-) You're right that people with a little initiative can make things happen at Waseda. Problem is, some of my initiative was developed and nurtured by my first- and second-year professors at my American liberal arts college. Part of the liberal arts experience should be seasoned professors and senior students helping new entrants find and grow their passions, pushing them to think deep, and work hard. Waseda is better than most other Japanese uni's in that regard, especially in the upper-level classes with foreign professors. I'm sure many professors would be happy to find real research for determined students to work on. At the end of the day, though, it shouldn't be the students' responsibility to create their own curriculum- they enrolled in the university to be guided and supported through an appropriately rigorous and challenging four-year academic journey.
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Cool! Anything to add? Which department are you in?
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> It's like everytime you think you've figured out a magic formula for a group they intentionally start acting in some totally new illogical way Soooo true.
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All good points: 1) There are some great faculty at SILS, especially when you get to know them one-on-one. Most faculty are hampered by low student and administrative expectations about appropriate rigor and pedagogical methods. 2) A student with initiative can go quite far in SILS. The student business society I helped found had international students who worked for the department of defense, Sony, a headhunting firm, and other serious opportunities. I spent part of the year interning at a large blogging-software firm, and then moved to an international marketing agency. The Waseda brand helped us out with these opportunities, but there was no support from the school. 3) Waseda could be the best Liberal Arts school in Asia, but I don't think the students have all that much power to change it. Lets face it: the rewards to a brilliant, motivated, driven student from finding a great job opportunity and growing and making a difference there are much greater than fighting layers of beauracracy to try to make a little change happen at Sodai.
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Ben: Love those tri-blend t-shirts. Seriously, has a better fabric ever been invented, save maybe merino wool? Ryan (and ben): Right on with those Nike Free's. Shoes that simulate being barefoot may seem odd for the first few days, but they quickly become more comfortable than any padded sneaker out there. Brands producing these sort of shoes include Terra Plana and Vibram. Kirsten's right about the high-end jeans. Assuming you have a little extra cash, you'll get a positive style return with no sacrifice in comfort or durability. If they're a darker wash, they're even more versatile- you can pair them with a button-down for all but the most formal business situations. Hector: Allen-Edmonds or Florsheim. They're $250+ new, but you can find them used at thrift stores or on ebay, and they'll probably last longer than you do. Even if you pay full price, divide their retail price by your current life expectancy and they'll cost you dollars a year.
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Burgers were not processed meats for the purposes of this study. Unlike sausage, burgers are uncured, and typically have little added sodium (when you buy them raw, not at a fast food joint). What else is in them besides minced meat?
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May 4, 2010
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Classmate: La chica que yo quiero es - Tutor: Chico. Classmate: What? Tutor: Chico. You said chica. Classmate: Yeah, I know I said chica. La chica que yo quiero. Tutor: You can't quiero a chica. Chico. Classmate: Ummm... nope, chica. Tutor: You are a chica. So you can't quiero another chica. Classmate: Yes I can. Tutor: In spanish, you can't. Classmate: Your spanish is homophobic, dude. via Continue reading
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