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The Muslim Brotherhoodlums must be crushed out of existence before it is too late.
Perhaps this ambulance chaser is the only low life lawyer they could get to fight this case they are going to lose anyway. Pity Pamela had to endure his crap.
Toggle Commented May 10, 2013 on SMART Sh*t at Atlas Shrugs
Allahu Akbar means the Muslim god Allah is greater than any other god, not God is greatest. Since Muslim's are the biggest gang of raping, murdering, thieving thugs on the planet, and are out to destroy civilization as we in the West know it, we should oppose it in every way possible. Islam is a crime against humanity and must be obliterated, the sooner the better.
Of course he has psychological problems. He has islam on the brain.
This is disgusting. If they don't reinstate the lunch lady immediately they can whistle for the council tax I owe them.
Glad Tommy is out and hope the UK Gov. come to regret locking him away as they did. Nelson Mandela was locked up and look how that panned out.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2013 on Robinson is Finally Freed at Atlas Shrugs
George Galloway is human garbage. I wouldn't let him contaminate my property, never mind speak.
Wallis tells Pamela to stop talking. The mobs burning embassies are telling America to stop talking. Wallis is on the same side as the mobs. Stupid fool.
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2012 on "Stop talking!!" at Atlas Shrugs
Bill McGurn, a brilliant article in the Wall Street Journal. This is how the MSM should be responding to the assaults on our freedom. Thanks Bill.
Someone has just asked him how many Muslim's have won a Nobel Prize.
So, let me get this straight...they basically said that because the guy is a muslim savage from a barbaric, backward, socially primitive, culture, that it's not his fault that he is offensive to civilized people. Bruce O'H. you got that right and what I want to know. Is it not dangerous to society at large to have a "muslim savage from a barbaric, backward, socially primitive, culture" dispensing medicine?
So the SFMTA condemns statements that describe any group as "savages"? The Free Dictionary's description of a savage. 1. A person regarded as primitive or uncivilized. 2. A person regarded as brutal, fierce, or vicious. Does this group of Taliban fit into this description? I think so.
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2012 on #Savages at Atlas Shrugs
Jeffrey Feltman is obviously Jewish. I'm surprised even they let him into the country, never mind into the presence of the high and mighty. Looks like he is a former US diplomat. Jeffrey D. Feltman (born c. 1959) is the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs.
allah urnot akbar. Western civilisation is Akbar. There is no satan but allah, and muslims are his savage followers.
he used the toilet for people with disabilities. He needs a toilet for people with mental disabilities, not physical disabilities. This racist is a committed Muslim and won't use a toilet used by dirty kaffirs? My black friends won't be happy to see this article.
Palestine There is no Palestine, only Arab occupied Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Zion just burns a hole in your brain, doesn't it? The Jews have got you beat and you know it, don't you. Those uppity Jews are better than you Muslims and it eats away at you. The strength and prosperity of the Israeli's is a sign that ISLAM, the global disease of the Muslim's will end one day. A World WITHOUT Islam is coming, and Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller will have played a big part in bringing about your satanic death cult's downfall. Up with the civilized Zionists, and a guaranteed downfall to the barbarian savages who follow Islam.
Good for you Twitter. Don't let those clowns intimidate you.
Reparations are due, and ban the kkkoran!
Mattand, if any of these fraudulent transactions is processed successfully by the card holders bank then your mocking criticism of Pamela is misplaced and should rather be directed at the banks concerned. I'm sure Pamela would be very happy if you could get all these fraudulent transactions reversed by contacting the banks directly, and that includes getting her $3 back to her.
'Geller and Her Stupid pundit team Incldu Spencer are defeated at every corner of this planet.' Yahoo, You picked a good username to match your comment, and the reverse of your comment could not be more true. Geller and Spencer are never defeated at any 'corner of this planet'. How do you defeat speakers of the truth? Do you shut them up? Muslim's and leftist-fascists, are aware that they are facing the truth, and have to resort to the only weapon they have in their arsenal, the tool of savages and barbarians-VIOLENCE. Muslim's and leftist-fascists are, as you put it, 'the Hate-groups and all ballshits', not Geller/Spencer. By opposing Islamic domination 'They are creating both Scenarios of Muslim anger and Anti-Islam' Someone has to do it and they are a winning team. Infidels armed with the truth will always create Muslim anger, and Muslim behavior around the globe is the cause of any 'Anti-Islam' reactions you mention. They must be fought? No, Islam must be fought and slowly but surely the West is waking up to Islam. And, 'No Chance' You are right. Muslim's have wiped out civilizations in the past, claiming any accomplishments made by those conquered as their own. There is no chance this will happen again. No thanks to Obama, of course. The infidel West's greatest accomplishment will be eradicating Islam from the planet.