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David Stone
Erskine Park, New South Wales
I want a Guard Wolf.
Interests: I like almost anything that is science fiction; Star Wars and X-men are the best sagas of all time in my book, closely followed by the TV shows; Star-Gate (SG-1 & Atlantis), Smallville, and Sanctuary. Books? I don't really believe in books, if it were really worth it, they would make a movie of it; I'll just wait for the movie. My brother-in-law once said, "I don't watch movie's, I consume them" well I think he hit the nail on the head, there's not much I haven't seen, my 400 strong DVD collection reflects this. I also take great pleasure in expanding my collection, I don’t like burnt or pirated copies of anything, because usually you don’t get the same quality and half the time you don’t get the proper covers. Going back to the books comment, the closest I get to reading a book, is a monthly subscription 4wd Action as I am also a very keen four wheel drive lover, when I’m not watching TV or DVD’s I enjoy playing in the sand and mud, no challenge is too tough. In due time I will be the owner of a 4.2L Turbo Diesel GU Patrol, that I would love to have lifted and running on 35 inch Mickey Thompson Baja Claw’s, That’s the dream, I just have to find a way to make it a reality. Then there are the trivial things for example I like Holden’s over Ford and dogs are certainly better as pets than cats could ever be. The king of the dogs being a wolf, I would love a wolf as a pet.
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