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ShadowProtect (from StorageCraft) functions in many ways like Time Machine does. It does a full backup of your whole hard drive. Then it does incremental block level snapshots from that hourly if your drive is attached. They take seconds usually and you won't notice them. You can restore individual files to any snapshot date/time easily by mounting the snapshot as a drive letter. Or, you can use the bootable recovery disc to restore the whole drive partition(s) to a new drive easily. Even to a different computer entirely and still use the same Windows install (dissimilar hardware restore). For desktop OSes, it's $90. Under $20/year for upgrades past the first year (or subscribe through a partner (I work for one) and lease it monthly). I use the desktop version, and we use the server version at many customers (it's $1k for essentially the same software, for Server OS use!). It's easy to use, compresses and deduplicates, is fast, and can save to a USB drive or network share. Offsite it's not great at without swapping hard disks you rotate. An online backup service for data files only is a good complement just in case local backups are completely hosed (you can still rebuild like Tony did then). I gush because I've used it and love it...sure we (PC Help Services) sell it but we do because it works well :-)
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2011 on Lessons From My Drive Crash at Tony Dye
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Quite an announcement...praying for you Ed! Not sure if congrats are in order on working yourself out of a job, but...regardless of the logistics, it does speak highly of your skills and integrity!
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Dec 8, 2010