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Thanks for your honesty. How wonderful to like your day-job. What a + to have the pressure off of paying the bills now to do writing projects you want to do. Life is far too short to hate ourselves for not fitting into mental constructs of success or freedom. I've been reading people's T-shirts. Your post reminds me of a favorite T-shirt on a young boy about 11 years old which read, "To be continued." Looking forward to what you're going to write next!
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2016 on Fail Safe at Steve's Web Place
Thanks for this wonderful post which rings true. The Work with Byron Katie turns people toward acceptance of what is and this acceptance brings peace. I'm new to The Work which is based on four questions and I have found that turning my mind away from how I think life and people should be then back to accepting reality - happiness is a natural product.
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Mar 17, 2010