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You might also find what Jonathan Worth is up to with his Phonar school of interest. It is a free and open undergraduate photography class.
Alex, You may find the work of Jonathan Worth of interest. He is a great guy and a convert to some use of sharing as a means of economic sustainability for professional photographers. Here is a link to an article about his free photo school in the UK: I wrote a profile of him for a book on how to use sharing called The Power of Open - it's obviously a free download here: DTK
Thanks for sharing. That final shot is really moody and awesome. The beauty to be found under the tracks.
Those are just epic. The shot from behind with Buff hoisting the cup is awesome. Who else would roll through town with the Cup strapped in to the passenger seat but him. Gonna miss his crazy Big Buff style this season. It's great for you that you finally got the all-access day. Great for the rest of us that it was you shooting.
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Aug 16, 2010