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Daniel Tunkelang
New York
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Never been to Vegas, but I have to admit it sounds like a surreal setting for an intellectual conference. Will be curious to hear your impressions.
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2009 on To boldly go at The Obvious?
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Twply may well be a good service, but this kind of spamming is evil and sets a terrible precedent. Not only was it not clear that “support us” meant spam all of my followers, but I explicitly unchecked it! Besides, why would I endorse a tool before even having a chance to use it? More ranting on my blog:
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Nice post. But you don't talk about the communicative aspect of recommendations, which ultimately requires transparency (i.e., that the recommendation come with a human-readable explanation). My comments on the subject:
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2008 on Theses on Netflix at Whimsley
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