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Duc Chess
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United has never cared about customer service. This was pre-merger, and my husband and I were flying to Japan from NYC. On our flight, they served dinner, but it had pork in both the entree as well as appetizer, which we don't eat. When we explained the problem, we were told, "Sorry. We are out of fish." There was nothing else to eat beyond the bread and salad. They refused to give us extra bread or anything else. Breakfast - eggs with ham. Again, no other option. Lunch - ham and cheese sandwiches. We landed in Tokyo starving with nothing to eat beyond three pieces of bread and a small bag of peanuts the entire time. The stewardesses didn't try to help us out, and just told us, "Eat what we give you if you are hungry." To this day, ten years later, we don't fly United. We've paid extra for more expensive tickets on alternate airlines.
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Aug 14, 2012