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The organic church is made up of individual Christians. I applaud what Franklin Grahams group is doing in Japan and pray more like them show up. Groups like his are supported by individual Christians often giving as the Lord directs them. All the resources belong to God. Another interesting question might be: How much more could individual Christians give if so much of their resources weren't tied up in building programs, salaries, maintenance and operation of "Church" structures, etc?
The real mystery seems to be: "How do we clear enough of the hay, sticks, and stubble out of the way, that Christ can truly be Head of His church (body)?" Becoming high functioning spiritualists seeking "signs & wonders" isn't the way. Neither is mandating organization and using "works" to force God to act according to formulas we derive from our bent of Scripture. It seems if we're to find the proper place it's going to come from prayerful relationship with our Lord combined with an openness for Him to lead us by His Spirit. I see this working much better in consensus than through an appointed leader.
Nathan, I see the modern structure of the Western Christian Cultural Religion as propagating the need for these "offices" and "committees" in that once you have property, and maintenance of said property, and various outreaches, and various social events, and various ministries, and multitudes of departments, and so on, then you grow compartmentalized organization out of necessity. Organization as a form instead of a tool can quickly take over for the Holy Spirit.
I don't see "appoint" as setting in office or as is commonly called, "ordain". I see it more as "recognized" more through enlightenment by the Holy Spirit (discerning). I see these (the ministries) as giftings which Christ gives to His body. In this realm it doesn't become "lording over" but functioning within ones giftings. In the natural this may seem difficult but when the Holy Spirit as a guide, instructor, and changer of lives is added to this assumption it can all become workable.
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Mar 14, 2011