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Kona Duke
"There's a party goin' on in Mark's head and I want to go to it! - - Liza Minnelli
Interests: teaching dogs poker.
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I don't know. Someone with more of a comic flair.
I'm glad. Not everybody did. Oh well . . .
I actually like Elizando a lot. The sweet thing about this movie is how it blends the funny with extreme brutality. Also, I was flashing back to how Spike Lee's Inside Man was the real re-make of 123. Same sense of humor. But, in truth, every hostage movie since the late 70's owes this film or Dog Day Afternoon or both.
Yes, but that's the deal with power. The purity of your heart must be matched by the brutality of your means. Its never worked any other way.
Leaving that damn cat behind was the hardest thing I ever did in the movies. -A.H.
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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks for the comment, Griff. So you got the connection to the much less subtle Marilyn Manson take on Mommy Dear. Sam Fuller definitely prowled the psycho-sexual twilight. You should screen a copy of Forty Guns, if youve never seen it. Wicked strange! But also . . . his camera work in these pictures deserves as much attention as his perverse glee. There are some astonishingly innovative (and widely copied) shots in Forty Guns.
Thanks for the input, Sammie. Yes, Ive heard the same stories about Hayworth. I dont know why she was so unhappy. Its also sad that all our tender feelings for herprobably could not have helped.I will be posting a few more reviews of her films in the future. Please stay tuned.
Thank you for your comment, Alex. You raise some interesting points. I think Rossen was building towards his masterwork (The Hustler). He seemed more familiar with urban settings. I wonder how this script would have fared under the helm of a Boetticher, Peckinpah,or other Western director who wasexploring the dark concepts you cite.