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I run text link adds on my blog through a company called BlogRollPlease ( They actually contacted me and seemed legit. They have a number of levels, but the base is a simple text link (no hidden stuff) that they track. You submit your blog, they rate it and connect advertisers to you. I've got a mid-rated blog with only 2-3 links per month and I get $30-$50US every month. It's pretty low key. They email me when a new link is to be added or removed and then they check that it remains active for the duration. I like it because I have the ability to check the adds that go on my site and I can reject them if I don't want them.
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2009 on Does It Pay To Advertise? at Only a Game
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I posted my comment on his post, as it seemed to fit better there. Good thoughts here. I always like to see how your research applies to other types of games.
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2009 on Open Letter to Yehuda at Only a Game
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I would agree with the reward structure, to a degree. Except that I find Jigsaws dangerously tedious (even while experiencing the rewards, and to a small degree the addiction) while I tend to find RPGs less rewarding but far more attention consuming. My wife likes Jigsaws, and our play styles tend to compliment each other. She will hunt for piece types (edge, colour, pattern, shape) and assemble sections by carefully looking for matches or trial and error depending on the amount of time spent on the area and the similarity of neighbouring pieces. When frustrated, she calls on my intuitive knack for pattern-matching to place pieces or hunt out ones she has missed. I will occasionally add unsolicited help, but not for very long. I find that the rewards diminish quickly when they are too repetitive. Which is why I like the hit from matching a difficult piece out of the blue.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2009 on Jigsaws vs RPGs at ihobo
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Dec 3, 2009