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4.4. I just am conservative and imagine am somewhat hopeful that it won't be really bad. I also will enjoy it when denier's slap their backs on another resounding recovery
Yazzur, A small but important correction. hansen has never predicted a 5 meter SLR by 2100. That comment was taekn completely out of context and has been unfairly used agaisnt him as are most of his utterances. What he said ( I am not quoting but I have read it a few times so I am confident fo the sentiment) was that the IPCC prediction of 1-2 feet was absolutely ridiculous, and that one might as easily say 5 meters. He quickly added that there was absolutely no science to back up that assertion, but 5 meters was as likely as 1 foot. On the other hand hansen should be well aware of how demonized he has been portrayed and should know enough to not make comments like that.
Steve Goddard is still taunting "warmists, saying they are all basically cowards because they won't bet him that there will be a record minimum extent. He just yesterday posted that he was offering to bet $1000, while his commenters all are bringing up bizarre explanations and flt out denial about what is happening.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2012 on Arctic storm part 3: detachment at Arctic Sea Ice
So, what is the explanation for this? I read about the large amounts of snow in Alaska. Has it been very cold there this winter? Is this going to mean that it will take longer for the ice above the Bring Strait to melt?
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2012 on NASA image of the day: Bering Sea at Arctic Sea Ice
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Mar 20, 2012