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Mike Durling
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I get most of my exercise and a lot of pleasure out of dog walking. Obviously the dog likes it too. True the start and stop is annoying especially if its cold and you want to keep moving. I would suggest you start when you have a nice day and you just want to get out and enjoy the walk. Once you do it for a while you will get in the habit and the dog won't let you forget. Makes for great motivation. One thing that works for us is when I can let her off the leash. True the park frowns on this but if I get there and there are no cars in the parking lot then I can let her go. She can go at her pace and I can go at mine. I'm lucky that my dog will stay in the same relative vicinity and I can get her back on leash when I need to.
I have the "Polaroid Book" and its nice, but most of what's in there are the type of 'art' photographs that were common in the '70s and '80s. To get a real taste of the Polaroid aesthetic as practiced today go to Flickr and look at the Polaroid pool. I like to just hit slideshow and let the current images just flash across the screen. I think there you get much more of the snapshot feeling in the photos. Many of them are taken by younger photographers and while many are banal, there is always something extraordinary in there. Mike D
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2009 on Polaroid Warholia at The Online Photographer
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Nov 20, 2009