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At a guess, it looks as if Marion Maréchal Le Pen stands the only real prospect of winning a seat for the FN, given that only one opposition candidate will be facing off against her aunt. If this does happen, it will be an interesting result, but neither the 'breakthrough' that the FN will claim nor the 'national shame' that the far-left will assert will be accurate:
Unfortunately, the Islamist group 'Muslims Against Crusades' succeeded in 'commemorating' 9/11 by mounting their protest near to the American Embassy in London today. They chanted anti-American and anti-Western slogans, before burning an American flag. Violence later flared, and two members of this fundamentalist Muslim group stabbed two members of the English Defence League. Videos of the protest and information about the stabbings can be found here:
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It should be interesting. Channel 4 have screened a number of good documentaries on Islamisation in the UK in the past. Some readers may be interested in the footage of frothing Islamo-Marxists in London today. Look at how they oh so politely and gently shove against the police line and rant tedious leftist slogans. Feel tempted to visit now? No? Me neither:
I meant to say "take a look" of course :-). Damned typos! I need some sleep.
On that same note but with a funnier twist, take a luck at the following picture for absurdity (it's guaranteed to raise a smile!):
Whilst this unpleasant protest was taking place in New York yesterday and Obama was talking of Islamic tolerance, a group of ill-tempered Muslim fanatics took to the streets of London to burn flags and chant anti-American slogans outside of the US Embassy. Anjem Choudary and his not-so-merry band of men - Muslims Against Crusades - can be seen in footage here:
I am really not happy to see a mosque being built there of all places. It's interesting to see that this is going ahead at the same time as the 9/11 mosque isn't it? Coincidence or Muslim triumphalism at two pivotal sites in the West associated with the struggle against Islam?
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Sep 5, 2010