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"Nomina stultorum parietibus haerent." (Fools' names are stuck on house-walls.)
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"If I had another son, he would look like Marajh."
Islam is not just a cult. Islam is a Death Cult. (You try to leave, they try to kill you.) All such madnesses need to be banned from any and all sane lands.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2013 on Angola 'Bans Islam' at Atlas Shrugs
If the head of the CIA can't keep something as simple a an extra-marital affair secret, how can he be trusted to be competent in any capacity? He failed the Ambassador. He lied about the "Muslim video". And his downfall continues as he lies and lies and lies.
A reasonable man in a bedlam of irrationalistic, dream-riddled, suicidal, p.c. imbeciles. As refreshing a drink of pure water after an ocean of bitter brine. May Wilders' challenge to defend Liberty and defeat Islamic tyranny be taken up and fulfilled by all who rally to his cry for preserving the hardwon gains of decent humanity. GO GEERT!
Can't our military leaders simply read the existing, voluminous historical record about the activities of marching Mohammadism, from the Khaybar Oasis to the fall of Spain to the Battle of Lepanto to the Gates of Vienna to the destruction of the Parthenon when it was a Turkish Muslim munition dump, instead of inviting in paid disinformation agents of Islamic imperialism to whitewash the bloody record for their own despotic ends: the extinction of human liberty and the replacement of it by a global Muslim gulag?
They are not "immigrants" they are colonizers. It's an invasion, not emmigration. Let's understand the fundamental reality of Islam. Muslims come to take over, not adapt. Music was forbidden by Mohammad as a secular distraction from endless prayer. It will be silenced once serious Mohammedans gain power anywhere.
Expect the fervid followers of the pedophile "prophet"'s Deathcult to end her life in the near future unless she seeks asylum in the U.S. where you can at least get a concealed carry permit. Time to get out of Al-Dodge, dearie.
Let him try to stop this: *~@):~{> [Public domain] Kurt needs no more bodyguards, obviously, since the only threat is to his wallet, not his noggin.
Palin is like a magnifying glass for the character of those who come in contact with her. The covert slime are exposed as TRUE SLIME.
Dr. Sigmund Freud said Civilzation began when someone first threw an insult and not a rock. What's wrong with offending people or ridiculing their beliefs? Some people warrant offense and some beliefs deserve to be mocked. They can offend and ridicule right back if they are of a mind to. But suing and using the law to suppress free speech and expression is just a tool of thought-control and tyranny. Islam is a deathcult. Its "prophet" was a pedophile. I fart in its general direction, to quote another guardian of our rights, Dr. Monty Python.
Or: A Christian is dangerous when they do not follow their faith; a Muslim is dangerous when they do. A cheerful repartee unintruded upon by the usual Leftoid Islamophilic loons yelling over everyone about Freedom of Speech! Kudos to Robert S. and Mr. Kreeft for a civil debate. Thanks for posting, Pamela!
Pamela- You need to also put a red box around another word on Traitor Hasan's business card; He spelled the word HEALTH wrong~ VIZ: "BEHAVIORAL HEATLH" A Freudian slip if ever there was one. Never trust a "professional" whose business card has a typo on it. Especially a medical person who can't spell health.
You go girl! Pamela 'Sharia Killer' Gellar!
GO GEERT! STOP THE MOSQUE FROM PROFITING UPON ISLAM'S CRIME! I'll be there on 9/11 to voice my IMPLACABLE and ADAMANTINE objection to this INSULTING, INTOLERANT imperialistic Islamic intrusion onto the sacred site.
The day Sharia Law was sanctified as the core Law of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan by own government flunkies (under Bush) the war was rendered pointless. And every sacrifice from that moment onward was a tragic spilling of our blood and treasure to support one more dismal, intolerant, murderous, infidel-hating Mohammadan tyranny. Pull out the troops and bomb any troublemaking jihadis from the air from now on. Risking our soldiers lives in that retrograde cesspool ~which our political class engineered in their purblind imbecility about Islam~ is sheer suicidal stupidity and unforgivable idiocy.
So Obama wants to be indicted as a war criminal by the next administration for approving the cold-blooded killings of three teenaged Somali fishermen?
An Arab goatherder discovered coffee, but a Jew makes a worldwide fortune on it. No wonder the jihadists are all jittery with rage about it. According to the Muslim Brotherhood the original name of the chain is: Star [of David Makes] Bucks. ;)
Toggle Commented May 26, 2009 on NYC Starbucks Bombed at Atlas Shrugs
This is a kind of MSM version of body dysmorphism, where your own "appearance" becomes dangerously unrealistic, while the actual horrors of your sworn enemies are downplayed and softened and hidden and distorted. For what reason? It seems to be a kind of suicidal pathology of learned self-loathing specific to the modern West. And, if it continues, the West will cut its own delusional throat, saving the Mohammedans the trouble.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2009 on GITMO JIHAD FIASCO: THIS IS ISLAM at Atlas Shrugs
Rue, Britannia. Don't forget that the Satanists want live chickens on every floor to sacrifice before any operation; no wood can be used in the hospitals, since it offends tree-worshipping Druids; snake-handlers need rattlers to soothe them, post-op; and neo-Aztecs want a water-filled well on the precincts to throw a virgin down to appease Quetzecoatl, whenever their have a rectal exam. Bend over, and spread 'em Brits! That's Islam, not your proctologist speaking.
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