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Thank you "whoisbriandeer" (posting at 9:17am today) for linking to the video I created "Who is Brian Deer?" and for letting me and others know that Brian Deer is appearing on Canada’s George Stroumboulopoulos show tonight. People may have missed the link since you embedded it in your id and they may think I made the comment, which I did not. For some reason, I just needed to clarify that. Feel free to contact me directly via my website (see Info tab at
I appreciate your ability to put everything in context and provide chronology to give us all proper perspective. I recently came across your Jan. piece on Anderson Cooper and Brian Deer which summarizes the long story so expertly. Let's hope CNN and Anderson Cooper read the documents you provided them. You may like the video I created: "Who is Brian Deer? The Man Accusing Dr. Wakefield of Fraud in the BMJ" (see the Reference tab at Duty to Inform on Facebook).
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Mar 14, 2011