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The architecture field is definitely completely different than what we were promised before the Recession hit. I wish the recent grads luck in their venture and to be very open minded on where that degree might take you. It might take you away from architecture when it comes to finding work, but that doesn't mean it can't reflect one's personal and career life. I have been dealing with learning what to do with my degree in a much different way than I ever expected.
I would rather see the Cornelius Hotel sit vacant for another 20 years than to lose another one of our middle blocks of the city. TMT has already torn down enough along that stretch without fulfilling their promise. I would hate to return home to find an empty lot where a beautiful building once stood, even if that building was nothing more a ghost of itself. For the price that TMT bought the building for, it should be no big deal for them to do nothing with the building while they wait on their other hole in the ground to magically grow a new building.
Shame the two houses had to be torn down for this because it would be nice to save a few of these old homes to reflect what the neighborhood has changed from, but I will say overall I am very happy with what I am seeing with this project and it seems to fall in line with what I was hoping to see happen to that portion of the city. Ever since the Doug Fir and Bside6, I have hoped to see that area of the city become its own little urban downtown that reflected the small architecture talent we have in this city, almost giving it its own unique and creative skyline that Portland deserves that isn't reflected in the city's traditional downtown skyline.
I think your last paragraph of the article describes why we shouldn't be building a streetcar to Lake O. I am a huge fan of rail and its expansion, but I want to see it being expanded to areas that has a high ridership possibility, not to areas that enjoy being far removed from the urban infrastructure of the city. If Lake O wants a streetcar or even a LRT line to their city, I say the metro needs to see some serious moves on Lake O's part to redevelop their downtown and create target areas for urban redevelopment. Until then, I say let them sit in their own traffic, it isn't really bothering anyone other than them.
Actually I for one have never minded the Marquam Bridge, the simple steel work of the double decker bridge is fine to look at, it is the monstrous interchange that awaits the bridge on the west side of the river that I don't care for, and the same thing can be said about the CRC. As a bridge, the steel truss bridge is fine, it is simple and provides clean lines connecting the two sides, it is going to be the massive off ramp system that is going to be the problem with this highway and make it seem more like a monster spanning the river. I have never understood why Janzen Beach doesn't have a local access bridge to Portland rather than having just the interstate to use. Actually the city I grew up had one of these Janzen Beach situations within the city when the city was building a new bigger bridge to replace the old one, the city ended up leaving the smaller bridge to provide local access to the island and built a bigger bridge that bypassed the island which actually worked in for the locals because it didn't tear down their old bridge and it didn't build a giant interchange with the new one. Granted this situation is a little bit different, I just think the amount of preprocess work has been an extreme version of a run around.
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Mar 14, 2011