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Sorry to hear about your fall, Lori! Well, you won't ever forget your first BlogHer conference! And hey, if it gets you more exposure, way to "take one for the team". Looking forward to hearing about your other experiences at the conference.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2007 on My Moment In The Spotlight at Spinning Yellow
I love your descriptions of yourself! Have a great time--I can't wait to hear about it. I'm intrigued!
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2007 on BlogHer in 2 Days! at Spinning Yellow
Lori, You know this, but as a fellow thinker, I have been there, many times over. Years and years of thinking, worrying, deciding and not deciding, obsessing. I feel your pain. Now that I have 3, I can fully and unequivocally say that I no longer have those feelings of want or indecision. As you know, we, after years of back and forth, decided to go for three, not really for my own desires but more for my children. Some women just like to have a baby in the house. That wasn't my motivation, it was more of the reasons that you speak of, to enrich my childrens' lives with another sibling, to add to the family dynamic. But, when things didn't go so well we finally decided it wasn't meant to be, then we gave up, and then I got pregnant. At that moment of complete disbelief, I truly felt it was meant to be. How do I feel now, now that I have 3 children, the youngest of which is 18 months? Overwhelmed. The way you speak of going from 1 child to 2, and how it took you 2 years to adjust, is how I feel. I love my daughter, and she is adorable, funny, smart, cute and special, but mothering three children is draining. I think some people are just better at managing chaos; it is not one of my strong points. With the boys in school and activities, it makes life very challenging with a toddler. Even something simple like going to the pool or the playground is complicated given their age differences. They don't get any free time with me. I am hoping it gets better as they get older and that gap closes. Things are gradually getting easier, note gradually. So, I know exactly where you are. And I am now on the other side. Both are tough situations to be in. If you really think you will regret it, don't torture yourself. It is not an easy leap to make; I think the decision itself is the most excruciating part. After that you just need to keep on living.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2007 on My Nightmares at Spinning Yellow
I agree that for safety reasons he needs to learn to swim at some point. However, if it is not this summer, it is not the end of the world. Just like when they are babies and toddlers, they learn different things at their own pace. Maybe later this summer or next year it will be a completely different story. I would lay off the lessons and just spend time with him in the water and take it from there. You are picking up on his signals that it is too stressful for him. Like everyone else said, don't blame yourself. You can't force it, no matter how hard you try. Ian has some anxiety issues and it always ends up that things get better once he is more comfortable, and I can't do anything speed it up, it just has to happen on its own.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2007 on Trying Not to Drown at Spinning Yellow
Wow, Lori, that's exciting! Enjoy and learn!! -Dee
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2007 on I'm Going to BlogHer! at Spinning Yellow
Although our next one will have windows that roll down in the second row (per the kids' request). There were'nt many models that had that option when we bought ours.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2007 on Look! I Have a Cross Post! at Spinning Yellow
That is so cool! Is her contest over? I think you have a good chance! A minivan! (Gasp!) You know I love mine and had it when I only had 2 kids. It is so much easier to get them in and out of. I did require leather seats and a sunroof to at least make me feel a "little" more hip. Can't wait to hear more about it.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2007 on Look! I Have a Cross Post! at Spinning Yellow
It is not a fun project to tackle. Sure, our Erick was technically potty trained, meaning he was out of diapers, but he used to walk around all the time with wet underwear, and it didn't bother him a bit. He'd be playing on the swings or whatever, and didn't feel like stopping, so he would just pee and keep on going. This happened until he was probably 4 years old. And since his sister is his clone, she'll probably be the exact same way!
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2007 on If For No Other Reason at Spinning Yellow
Lori, you did it! Congrats! I think it is a major accomplishment. Think about it: a year ago would you have thought you'd run in a 5K race? As far as the marathon goes, I'm sorry, but that is not for me (especially since I've never run more than a mile or so, even in track in HS). My employer sponsors the NYC Marathon and I've seen people from our office who have run in it. This one woman was in excruciating pain for days afterward! Preparation is the key I'm sure. Happy b-day!
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2007 on Happy Birthday To Me! at Spinning Yellow
Personal growth is always beneficial, and manifests itself in many ways, as you are finding out.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2007 on I Blog, Therefore I Am at Spinning Yellow
Lori, I tried to comment earlier, but it looks like it didn't go through. So, at the risk of repeating myself if my comment magically appears later, I'll summarize what I wrote: I really enjoy your blog! I think because I know you so well, I find it refreshing to see you express yourself in this way. Your posts are funny, engaging and thought-provoking. Despite how you view yourself, as someone who doesn't have it together, I have always viewed you as someone who is organized and thoughtful, and I am sure that is still the case now. Your blog has inspired me to look at myself and focus on my needs, something I have done in fits and starts in recent years, but have never fully committed to doing. So thank you for that! You're right, you will kick a** this weekend, because as you stated in one of your first entries, you don't set out to do something unless you are going to do it right! I don't think that is necessarily a flaw. Good luck!
Do your blog stats show how many times people like me check your blog for something new? :) It's my entertainment since I don't really make time for TV. I'm sorry, but I am not even going to enter the Duck debate. My children are tearing up the TV room as I speak.
Lori- I didn't know you were doing a race, and on your birthday no less! I am so proud of you! As to your apprehension about the race, remember that no one on this earth was born running, and at some point in their lives every single person in that race competed in their first 5-K race. Now if I could just find something to keep ME motivated to get fit, I know one family who would certainly benefit!! :) -Dee
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2007 on I Am Still Running at Spinning Yellow
Surprisingly, I don't have very many funny stories on this topic. The boys have both asked, but seemed ok with the response, "When Mommies and Daddies love each other very much, they have a baby". Of course I think that prompted, "then why don't so-and-so have a baby, don't they love each other?" Not sure how I got out of that one. One story on a related topic: When I was pregnant with the baby, the boys and I used to look at a book that would show pictures of the growth of the baby from the beginning, all the way through to the birth. They asked how the egg got in there in the first place, and we said that girls have them from the time they are born. So, after our baby was born, we're marveling at her eyes, her hair, her tiny feet, and Erick said, "She has all her eggs already!".
I can hear you saying, as I have heard you say many times over the years since I have known you, "I love my family". Your unconditional love for one another is to be admired! -Dee
By the way, YAY, I can comment from home now! It's working!
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2007 on You're Wrong! at Spinning Yellow
Lori, I have come to the conclusion that the bus is EVIL! Bad things happen on the bus. My boys have learned every curse word on the bus, have been bullied on the bus, even by girls. There is no supervision on the bus, just their mean bus driver "Mr. Joe", who yells at all the kids. Like I said, bad things happen on the bus!
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2007 on You're Wrong! at Spinning Yellow
That is so exciting! Ian and Erick would be thrilled if we were to win a Wii. Enjoy it! OK, I have got to stop reading this blog while I am at work! -D.
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2007 on Wii for Me! at Spinning Yellow
Hope all is well in your new world! Still trying to comment. I'm told it's my browser so I am trying from work (can't make that a habit though!) -Dee
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2007 on I Just Wanted to Tell You... at Spinning Yellow