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When Bush was elected I remember a news story saying he had decided to stop communicating with the twins via e-mail because he didn't want his personal communications with his daughters to end up as archived public records. Rove or anyone else could, of course, simply stop using e-mail and do the vast majority of his business by phone. In fact I'd guess he's very careful to do any business of a confidential nature exactly that way. I would be doing it were it me in his shoes. The very nature of this Rove witch hunt is asinine. He's not even an elected official. The left hates him because he beat them. Tough titty stuff. If the Dems intend to run this 'politics as crime' campaign then they're going to have to understand people are going to cover their asses any way they can, using hotmail, no e-mail, code words or whatever. How about we just cut the crap and let politics be politics?
Jeez man a few days away and now I gotta sign in to the JOM frequent commenters system with my frequent commenter card. Things sure are expensive in New York TM. In Houston, gas is right at $2.65 now. I rarely if ever pay more than $2.50 for a loaf of high end designer bread (I am a bread-O-phile). Eggs are $1.19-1.40 per dozen. Milk just under $3 per gallon for 2%. I know all this pretty precisely because I am a genetic cheapwad and carefully check everything I buy.
Well. Running to the left in the Dem primary worked for Dean. Oh wait........ok never mind.
I cuncur with Joshua: "Remington youth model 1100 in 20 gauge. It's made for youth or women, it's automatic, and a 20 gauge." A shotgun is heavy, bucks like a bull and difficult to handle. Too large and heavy to be fooling with the pump in the middle of the night. A heavier gauge could easily ruin you on shotguns for life after a trip to the skeet range.
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2006 on Shotgun Advice Needed at Miss Kelly
SW- Fascinating stuff. Having read a few of your posts about narcissism I've been wondering how shame impacts the narcissist's ability to think critically. IE, if they are able to distinguish when they're ideas are demonstrated as "wrong", or if shame prevents their even being able to recognize when that happens (I mean that generally, not just in relation to the left). Anyway, I've been visiting occaisionally for a while but never posted. I really enjoy your insight. DaveW
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2006 on Narcissism in the Real World II at ShrinkWrapped
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