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How very interesting! We've been dealing with this guys crappy (PRICEY) scripts for a while now. Seems he touts major success and gives everyone a 3-5 page script...any seasoned caller knows that you don't need, and will never use 3-5 pages of scripting. Oh, and what's more interesting, I can't tell you how many of those paid for "personalized" scripts were exactly the same except for the name of the company. I liked this ad for Brian...where he will do all kinds of things for your business!
Got word that the forum is buzzing that I posted you can check me out of this conversation. Don't care to have the same crap happen here!
Well, you have the "exclusive coverage" - there's plenty of people googling us right now, so maybe that'll up your readership:) I do appreciate you not censoring anything and being willing to listen to our side. I am not asking to be thanked, or vindicated, it is what it is, but I just don't think it's at all fair to allow what happened there. Had I posted on THERE what I said here, it still would have been torn apart and they would have asked for more explanation and more questions and I just don't have the time for that. You're unhappy with what you got, it happens, move along. If I don't like the service at a restaurant, I don't go back...enough said. Again, thanks.
Sorry, I didn't finish this thought: The response I got from the mods when I pointed out EVERY rule broken (Posting on a thread you haven't purchased, tagging me in the normal forum in a bashing thread where you claim you won't name names, and overall lying with he said/she said crap) was that "they are allowed to comment if they purchased ANY of your services on ANY of your ads/WSO's. Really? They are? Because a month of service will net you a whole different amount of stuff than 1 week. Also, I was told that since the mods can't tell WHO is lying, they don't get involved. So I challenged that and said "if you don't know who is lying, wouldn't it make sense NOT to post anything unless you're going to get proof and make sure it's right?" I offered to send over emails to prove my side to Paul 3 times in 1 hour. He never took me up on it, then LAST NIGHT at 11 pm, he finally said "you offered to send me information to prove your side, please do so." Really? NOW? 2 days later when there is no point? That's when I decided it was really time to go.
I started on Sunday trying to corral the threads that were against the rules. I was no match for the BS parade. There was: - 1 guy that received services, but wouldn't listen about his crappy list, then he asked for a refund (after hours were worked) and wanted to send me a NEW list and asked for MORE FREE hours...sorry, not how business works. - 1 kid who had been a pain in the butt since his first email to us over a month ago, we told him after 2 days of emails that we didn't want to work with him...then guess what, he paid! So, we sent out his welcome packet and NADA...for a week...then he asks MORE questions via emails, gets consultations and was told it was being billed (he approves) his money is used up with admin time and BS of his own. Another week, he asks for a refund. He's told that there is no money left for refund. Then he emails, posts on WF, multiple times a day, claiming we are ignoring him...why yes, yes we are, you were answered, I have no reason to continue answering you. - Enter nameless, who has NEVER purchased a thing from us and knows nothing of us, however he's never liked me on the forum because I don't tell people what they want to hear, and I think he has zero business sense. It's kinda like they are all asking me "why aren't you here defending this and telling your side?" Because I have actual clients that ARE paying and ARE happy and I have a job to do, so I can't spend my entire day posting on a forum that is run by mods that don't adhere to the 2 fundamental rules. However those that have no business, have plenty of time to sit there and post crap. The response I got from the mods when I pointed out EVERY rule broken (Posting on a thread you haven't purchased, tagging me in the normal forum in a bashing thread where you claim you won't name names, So, that is why I'm not there. THE MODS HAVE DONE NOTHING. I have requested 3 times now that my profile be deleted. IT WAS ME that went in and removed all of my own ads and the copy on them and put "deleted" or random letters - and then the asshats claimed "look the mods deleted her." I changed my ENTIRE profile (except name) and even tried to delete it so we are just off of there, but alas, the admin don't give you an option to close your own account...odd. So, you see, you can't win. If I had stayed and spent every damn minute for the last 2 days commenting and answering, it would have been the "he said/she said" that the mods claim they don't allow or get involved in. When I commented a little on the first review and said my side...well, that wasn't good enough and it just kept on. I didn't have time or give a crap that much about WF. Outside of that no one knows who any of those people are, and most of them are legends in their own mind. Quite frankly there is zero way for us to do anything that will please anyone there, and I have zero obligation to give refunds to assholes that have plainly stated that they got services (in emails to me - which I've kept for proof when it's actually necessary). It's become a feeding frenzy because the mods didn't control and use the rules posted. We were in business for 7 years before we found WF last year, and will continue to be around for years. Less than 50% of our clients came from WF, it is a revolving income because most people there have no idea what they are looking for, so for us, it is not dependable income anyways. If we depended on that for income we WOULD be out of business. So, we decided that we'll just bow out, let them have their fun, and when we're gone, they'll focus on the next guy to bash with no proof. We did have a good laugh at his comment...because any "expert" would share his knowledge and get paid for it. I guess he thinks experts can shit out cash since they aren't supposed to "make" money by selling things. However, we've never claimed to be experts...we just know our shit.
What do you have on Russ? He set his sites on me after I disagreed with him one day on a thread and then claimed that "his clients got screwed by me" - which is crap, his client had used their hours, then wanted me to refund his money because he didn't listen about his crappy list...sorry, not how it works. Anyways, I believe he's posted a few choice things about us, but he's such a DB I could give a crap less.
So you didn't point out where we've "claimed" big success? Does that mean you didn't find anything? Just wondering, seriously. I'm always intrigued at proof and backup for things, I like to see what people claim (as I'm sure you do or you wouldn't have said I was full of it). We are successful in that we are in business and have a roof, food, car, and can pay bills and have fun money. So, if that is a bad thing, I apologize, other than that, I really don't get what the problem with being successful is, or what the criteria is for acceptable claimed "success". Am I successful because I rolled out of bed and made it to another day? Am I claiming success because I have clients? I think it's all crap, most business owners are successful at something or they wouldn't be in business...I don't think that's something to fault someone for.
Oh, and I forgot to say...the ebook is NOT free:) Also, our WSO's are our normal services ad a "warrior" price. Nothing BS, nothing like most WSO's it's a service. Truth be told, we are on the way out of WF due to the BS flying about with mods. I don't have the time or the desire to be the ant under the magnifying glass there.
I'm wondering though where you feel we've claimed to be "successful"? We have NEVER claimed to be rich, or in a castle or millionaires, so I challenge you to post anything where we've claimed won't find it. We don't spend tons of time there either. You'll see, that in over a year and a half now, we've got about 500 posts per day are under 1 on average. We check in once in a while, and most of the time go DAYS before coming on answering things that are asked or where we were involved in a conversation. Plainly stated, we do what we do, and we make a living at it. It pays bills, affords us the things we like and need, and we live comfortably. We aren't lavish or claiming to make anyone a billionaire like we are. We are some of the most normal, real people around, and were that way well before WF. We've been talked about because of our pricing, when it's low we "can't possibly know what we're doing" and when it's high we are "overrated and ripping people off." You can never please everyone, and we don't try to, we're just us take it or leave it. We have plenty of customers that take it weekly and monthly and for years now, so we are doing many things right, or we would have gone out of business years ago. So, again, I'd love to see where you feel we claimed to be something we are not, I'm truly open to a conversation here. I really think it's funny though that you chose us out of all the BS people on the WF...I could give you a list a mile long of people you should be calling out:)
"People like MWind076 who claims to be a roaring success at sales calls yet after years of claimed success rolls up to the forum and starts flogging stupid WSOs. Just how busy could he/she/they be do you think? If you had a real business would you be fluting around on the WF? Alright lets get down to brass tacks here because I am fed up reading their crap on the Warrior Forum and their claimed success which is clearly untrue. Here is the Windham Marketing Solutions blog/site-impressive, no? And scroll to the bottom of the home page and there is a link to “David’s” site where he blogs about working at home and, yes, you guessed it you can get a free work at home ebook with 101 tips. If these spoofers behaved themselves and quit faking it till they make it newbies might actually learn something from people like Rus Sells (gone now), rushindo (gone now) and Michael Hiles (seldom around). Meanwhile we have to stomach Durham, Kanigan, Mwind and listen to the same crap over and over." I thought I'd come here to humor you since no one reads your blog and you have zero comments. After some wonderful crap today with dealing with Paul via PM, I decided to google a few people on WF. I found an AMAZING site with lots of info on people, and then I found yours and was stunned to find myself on it. However, I find it funny and quite flattering that the worst you could say about us is that we have a small website (that was just made less than a month ago and isn't our main source of business), and that we "work from home" and blog about it. Really? That's your bone to pick? That's good stuff. To include us with the big names is not only funny, but quite telling of how bored one must be. We have been in business for years before WF, and all the things you seem to not like are the same things I don't like. I didn't get along with JD for the first year I was on there, then magically one day he professed his "love" for me on the forum and since then I've been linked when I agree with ANY tiny nugget he says. It happens, he has some good advice. However, I can prove who I am, who we are, we don't hide, we don't claim to be millionaires, and to be honest, we've been screwed by just as many people on WF as everyone else. We know the real people and we know the fakes. You can find our contact info on ALL of our pages, our email addresses, our FB page, and no, we aren't "guru's" but we do know what we're talking about and we have plenty of happy clients that were around before we even found WF. I love that you included us and as I say, all press is good press (even if no one reads it). Thanks for the read, and thanks for the "harsh" review.
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Dec 10, 2012