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All, I have to admit that I am really behind the curve on this whole controversy with Dr. Caner (I have been wrapping up finals and finishing my degree at Liberty). I have skimmed the articles here and ones on the Alpha Omega ministry site. I am planning on reading everything in depth as I can find the time. My question is this: have those professing Christians that are making the accusations against Dr. Caner followed the principles laid out in Matthew 18? I have not seen evidence of this, but as I have stated I have only skimmed, so if Matthew 18 has been followed, can you point me to it with a link? Secondly, having talked to Dr. Towns personally my opinion of him would be anything but out of touch, and with what I have read of Dr. Geisler I would hardly say that about him either. It appears from the inflammatory remarks that I have read by professing Christians, about professing Christians that if the Devil were to walk away, and leave the church alone she would still destroy herself without his help. I thank God for his Mercy and Grace, it is too bad that we seem unable to share the mercy and grace He has given us with each other. David
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May 23, 2010