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One more thing - my wife says this bible wants to be petted. It's that soft.
I received my Schuyler last night and I can already see that this is going to be my favorite bible. I own a number of Allan and Cambridge bibles and this is definitely in the same class. However the paper is a noticeable improvement and that is a huge selling point to me. Also, I should mention that as soon as I opened the box my wife said how much she LOVES the big HOLY BIBLE imprint on the front. (I agree it makes this bible stand out). That feature alone caused her to grab this bible up, and then she started cooing over the wonderful soft feel of the leather. She has never shown any such interest in the high-end bibles I have in the house, but now I think I might have to purchase another one of these. This one is a winner.
I found one here
My wife has fallen in love with my Cambridge Pocket NIV and I would love to get her one, but alas they seem to be gone. Does anybody know where I can still get one?
John, When I got my Readers edition I knew I would never pick up my ESV1 again, so I gave it away. For me, the Readers fixed all of the problems I had with the ESV1. Mainly the larger font. But I also think the paper is better. I do not have the sense of "ghosting" that I had with the ESV1. Also, either of the two sites you mentioned are equally good places to purchase a bible. Any difference in price will be very small, they both offer excellent customer service! I speak from experience. Dave
John, we are all here because we are hard to please!
I have the Allans NIV Bold Type, and it is my favorite. I am ordering this smaller version right now! Thanks Mark.
Still looking to sell or TRADE my Allan ESV1 Tan. Tan highland goatskin with three tan ribbons. Looks new and no marking. Very lightly used. Have original box. I would trade for an Allan's PSR or sell for reasonable offer. davidt at yahoo dot com
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I just got mine, and it is beautiful. Only trouble is, I just can't see myself ever picking up my ESV1 again.
Thanks for another great review Mark. I can hardly wait for my delivery to arrive. Merry Christmas bible lovers! Dave
Maybe one of the gambling or viagra spiders will buy my bible! Thanks for the tip Bill.
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I would like to swap my very lightly used Tan Allan ESV1 for an as-new Allans PSR. My ESV1 has no writing of any kind in it. Or I would be willing to sell it for $120 obo. contact me at
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quick, somebody show this list to my wife!
Since my new Reader' Edition will be here in a few days, I doubt I will be getting much use out of my Tan ESV1. I would like to see it go to a good home. I will entertain reasonable offers. It is very lightly used, with NO writing of any kind. In the original box. I will give the readers of this blog some time to make me an offer before I list it on Ebay. My email address is
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Yeah, I had the same thought Bill. I don't really see any advantage to the slip cases. The full yapp on my Allan's Long Primer would certainly not be any better off for it. Right now I have all my high end bibles in a big stack in a cabinet that kind of works for the purpose. I suppose for the time being I will leave them that way. But, I sure liked that felt spacer idea!
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Bill, I have never seen spacers like what you are described, but if anybody has, that is something I would be interested in too. It would be nice to have a good way to place some of my expensive bibles on a normal bookshelf.
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Amen Mark!
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I came to the Lord while reading the NIV. That was the bible that was given to me, and I have a particular affection for it. That said, I love to compare different translations and I believe that my understanding of scripture has been enhanced by that practice. I do love the KJV, and as I have heard a little from the KJV-Only movement I have come to appreciate a few of their points. But the language a bit to tedious for steady reading, so I would like to find a version that is just an update of the KJV from the same source material, but without the archaic language. Would the NKJV fit the bill for that? If not, what version would?
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I am so grateful for this site. I was frustrated by the quality of bibles available to me, and while searching for a source of better quality bibles, I came across this blog. Since then I have been able to purchase a number of high quality bibles by carefully reading your reviews, and you have never steered me wrong. I now own 3 Allans, a Cambridge NIV Single Column, and a beautiful large print KJV from Lewis Bindery, all because I found them through this page. Incidentally, I also purchased Rethinking Worldview, and I am looking forward to your novel. I have pre-ordered the Allan ESV Readers Edition, and I continue to be an avid reader of this blog. So THANK YOU, Mark. Keep doing exactly what you are doing! GOD BLESS YOU David Thompson
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Brian, Would you mind emailing me at I have some questions for you, but I don't think this forum is the appropriate place to ask them.
Brian, thanks for the excellent videos. Well done. I am a big fan of Allan's bibles, and I love my Cambridge NIV single column. But I am going to check out Church Publishers. Like Bill I would be interested in a KJV single column in normal-margin version. If they have that in the type of binding you showed in your video, I will be making a purchase. Also, thanks for getting the discussion back to binding and design. That's what we come here for.
If they would put this into a premium binding I would be willing to shell out a premium price.
Great job on the radio interview today Mark. I wish Christian radio was always that interesting!
Well done!!
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I am in agreement with Jeff. I wouldn't mind if these sales listings were confined to one thread that was specifically FOR that purpose. But it is getting to be a bit much. For mshedden above - what translation are you looking for. Cambridge makes a very nice single column NIV that is reviewed on this blog. I own one and it is one of my favorites.