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I think the oceans would be good - just think what other amazing creatures would be out there! Continue reading
Posted Dec 22, 2009 at AVATAR
In fact in real life most plants e.g. in meadows and forests are plugged into a network of fungal fibres in the soil (some single fungi can be huge, in fact the largest living things on earth) and some research has shown that plants may be able to pass chemicals to one another. Research into crops has also shown that some plants give off chemicals into the air when damaged that signal to other plants. So its not all science fiction! You could also say that the physical connections they make on Pandora represent the connections we and all organisms have to nature and each other, survival-wise but emotional as well. There are a lot of things in the film that have parallels in real life, which I think is really clever!
Whoops, that should be my fault, hurrying!
I cried my eyes out most of the way through -mainly because despite the more extreme setting and story and characters, a lot of the film is very familiar to me - because it's not fantasy. I'm afraid the exact same things are still happening here, today. Just check out Working in nature conservation I see the same kind of stuff going on in the UK too, albeit on a smaller scale. Its everywhere really , but out of sight. You don't have to go to another planet to find amazing creatures, places and people ... or companies with bulldozers and guns. That's another interesting theme to the movie -both the humans on screen and the audience are stepping into another world (even more if you do the 3D experience) that they are part of but separate from. Same in the real world. Amazing movie. Anyone not moved by it has to be dead!!!
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Dec 22, 2009
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Posted Dec 22, 2009 at Kate D's blog
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Dec 22, 2009