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I feel obligated to throw my 2 cents in on this as I hear a lot of comics "hate" on this "Boot Camp" in person and online and my initial reaction is "why?". We are all guilty of pre judging things...I fuckin hate TrueBlood and this whole Vampire craze yet I have never saw an episode. The people hating on this I bet have never been to his "Boot Camp". It seems he is trying to make an effort to "boom" the scene as he says and anybody that is trying to bring live comedy back to where it was or even better than it was in the 1980's has my support. He does claim he can't make you funny which I appreciate because I don't think anyone can make someone funny overnight but you can definitely help people learn the business a lot faster with help though. I remember when I first started doing stand up I'd leave the mic right next to me (a huge no-no) it took 6 months for someone to tell me that I should put it off to the side. If he can help people with the little things like that and more importantly with the big things like conquering fear of stage (which hurt me when I first got started) or the "psychology of comedy" as he puts it then AWESOME...If for nothing else I thought the clip was pretty motivational as I came home from the gym and was ready to lounge in front of TV to watch Monday Night Football and instead dragged my ass out in the rain to a club where I can "show up N' go up" and had a great set.
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Sep 13, 2010