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Robert Kosara
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Great idea, but your links are pointing to Google Docs on your own domain, so only people with an account at expertlabs can access them. You will need to share the documents and then post the shareable link (which is different from what you're seeing in the browser's URL bar, see the sharing settings in Google Docs).
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2011 on #AskObama and the Twitter Town Hall at Expert Labs
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Spam is a solved problem ... unless you're on Typepad. There are great services out there like Akismet and Mollom that take care of spam entirely, without even bugging the user with CAPTCHAs. I haven't seen a single spam comment in a year if not more (thanks to Mollom, in my case). You should check if you can add one of these services to your blog here. Adding rules manually may sound obvious when you get a number of similar spam comments, but in practice it's not feasible. There are so many different things that spammers post about, and so many variations that the only reasonable defense is to have something that notices similarities across lots of websites. Also, adding some brand names is one thing, but once you add words like shoes and jewelry and drugs and lots of synonyms, you start creating false positives.
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Apr 21, 2011