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Evan Murdock
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I have a digital Holga - my phone. Isn't that what Best Camera is all about?
Here in Madison you can get a flight in a Cessna 172 for $75/hr; or at least that's what it was about 3 years ago. Hard to imagine it could get any cheaper than that.
I don't see any fundamental reason why the LCD shouldn't be perfectly functional as a viewfinder. They're going for small, and small means compromises. Frankly I like the look of it. But hey, if it doesn't suit your needs then that's fine. Make me a K-mount adapter (hopefully one that will allow effective metering) and this would be an interesting option for a second body.
I'm pretty pleased with this, though my monetary outlay will be reserved until I've had a chance to see image results. Happy to see the higher ISO, but also happy to see ISO 100 (which my K110D lacks). As a wide-open shooter much of the time it's helpful. Size, ergonomics, etc, look perfect. Price is good. Totally agree on handsomeness - it's got a retro look I really dig, for what it's worth (which ain't much).