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Alfred, I am sooooo happy you are taking the Time to tell us of the current/ancient plight of Humanity and its Gaia Earth. You are undertaking a magnificent and endearing challenge here to even TRY to state this upon and within the Matrix enclosing us. Although you/we know that your messages are already 'rehearsed' in that that you are chosen as the Messenger - that even by those you speak of who I dignify only as the 'Nameless' Ones who programmed Earth's People, choosing via DNA significance The Ones capable of listening to you tonight - I take great gratitude to know you.
Just a reminder to those who are doubting: The Government/s would not have let the ETs into our airspace without a confirmed and agreed-upon plan by and between us. We have much to look forward to as we consciously and knowlingly and intelligently accept our Star Brothers and Sisters.
Go after him on a personal legal basis: Defamation with malice aforethought; Abuse of Literary Rights (International Law). Any overflow would be taken on business legalities, but this would be a dead end.
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Posted Nov 25, 2009 at Eara Jordon's blog
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Nov 25, 2009