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stephanie. all i can say right now is GOOD FOR YOU! stand up for yourself. as a military wife you have to say goodbye more often than not and we figure out how to live without our other half, how to find our happy when all we want to do is cry (or go crazy) and we have to sacrifice when they work on easter, on christmas, on our birthdays (and their children's bdays too!). we don't complain because we knew what marrying them would entail. but you know what , that doesn't mean we have to be doormats for jealous women who know nothing about what we do. who we are. i ENJOY seeing your house posts. yes, i'm jealous, but in a "oh my gosh, how LUCKY! i wish we had homes like that here!" kind of way, not at all what i assume those ladies are telling you. please don't stop sharing. i look forward to peeks into your world. xoxo
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Dec 1, 2009