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This is a really informative article. I run the company earthage, or earthage clothing in NZ and we use a small amount of organic cottons, alongside alpaca wool because they are eco friendly, and available to us. I agree it is pretty hard to get your prices down when you are trying to be ethical, and add to that, making clothing overseas in NZ where a lot of these green fabrics have only just been introduced, or aren't even available and it makes costs of manufacturing so much higher. I would love to be able to bring the costs of my clothing down for consumers but it is undeniably a slow process to introduce fabrics, make more people aware of things such as the environmental impact of the textile industry, and fair trade etc, and then getting everyone on board to making the costing of these items standard, and affordable. It is so easy for places such as wallmart to create regular cotton at an affordable price, but at the expense of what...the environment?, the farmers using the pesticides?, the children using the pesticides to douse the regular cotton? There are so many other factors that are much more important than cost.
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Mar 1, 2010