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Shana, you are so cute!!! Great idea, so stealing it! Forever 21 such a great place to find those random pieces like cute sweatshirts. Here's a dress that just said "Shana" to me for your blue sweatshirt, in no way affiliated w/this seller, just thought it was cute:
Shana, I'm late to this party but had to mention that I so appreciate this post! I bought the "How to Potty Train Boys" book on your suggestion last year. As always I'm silently laughing and saying "YES" to myself as I read since our experiences are so similar. I just put undies on my son for the first time yesterday - he's 27 months. He's had practice on the potty so it's familiar, and now on day 2 of the undies I can see the wheels in his brain really turning & things starting to click for him. I'm prepared for a long journey, but since we are a cloth diaper family I'm maybe more ok w/it that some who fear the sight of urine. This was just the reassurance I needed today, thank you! My son LOVES his big boy pants & asks for them - I think he was ready, yes? :)
GASP - shorts at work. A sign of the end of days, for sure. The horror! Yep, I am definitely getting old - or maybe I am just jealous. Never was allowed "in my day," i.e. before I started my full-time Mommying gig. LOL!
I'm from the North originally but have lived in DC & Annapolis for the past 12 years. More comfortable w/this now but at first was shocked by things like "Gold Cup" and what the New York Social Diary refers to as "DC's Madras Pack." I'm not even kidding!
BiblioMOMia, I have seen the SAME THING - like, down at the waterfront, happy hour? Do you think people are getting away with shorts in the actual office in conservative DC, or do they presto-changeo before they go? Shana, the photo of you on your bike belongs on a JCrew catalog cover! ADORBS.
She hit the nail on the head with this outfit! Sophisticated & she looks comfortable while maintaining a polished look - at 9 months to boot. Inspiring - taking a page from her book.
Freakin' AWESOME. And yeah - with your two & their sleeping habits, you're definitely going to be insanely first-trimester tired! So awesome that you found a solution, and so happy to have this in my back pocket!
Thank you so much for posting about this! I came down with mastitis when my little guy was 5 weeks old - the most awful experience of my life. The panic of your boob being on fire / hard as a rock & feeling so weak you wonder if you'll be able to lift your baby really cannot be matched. I totally tried the crazy fizzy fermented drink years ago, and thought it had gone "bad" due to my ignorance of how it is supposed to look / smell / taste. I'm so glad you wrote about it b/c I am betting it has preventative powers, too. W/kid #2 I am up for ANYTHING to avoid that pain again.
Your sister rules for getting those Cynthia Vincent wedges for you!!! Nice snag!
That crochet top is so straight from my styleboard! LOVE. What shoes/amazing platform sandals are you wearing in the pic w/flares? You look friggin' fantastic, girl.
OMG, I will use ANY excuse to get into those amazing boots! And I laughed out loud at that first pic! I am just home from spending some time with a neighbor who has 2 kids <2, <13 mo. apart, and we were both sporting this exact cracked-out do. I now officially consider us "fashion-forward."
She is gorgeous & glam @ WF! (You should totally start a feature about Whole Foods Moms, S). You are so right, the sunnies (& haircut IMHO) really clinches this one. I am a (former, sigh) sailboat racer so the high-end sunglasses have always been a must for me - my faves are Maui Jims, totally made for being on the water. Somehow I never lose & always take excellent care of my sunnies when I spend $300+ on them! Mine are a bit more functional/sleek than those pictured here (big glasses just don't work on the boat w/all those lines & ropes flying past the face), but I am now exploring more glam possibilities. This is inspiring me also to don my black low Chucks ASAP - another staple from my former sailing life. Grip the deck well, non-marking (a must, esp. when crewing on someone else's boat) & not as pricey as other sailing shoes. Wow, I am now officially looking forward to spring & getting my 14 month old out on the boat!
Sorry S - the link I meant to attach didn't come in correctly. Here it is again for your amusement. :)
Jacci is adorable! I love her absolutely appropriate use of leggings & beach coverup, the all-black, the jean jacket (had been wondering what to do with mine!) and the necklace is so pretty to tie it all together. The boots are to die for! She is a total inspiration, thank you. Shana, on the topic of leggings though: what are your thoughts on (gasp) jeggings? THEY ARE EVERYWHERE & I am anti, but just wanted to check. This video pretty much sums up my position (i.e. looks like the wearer forgot her pants) & I'm sure you'll be like-minded ... right?
Skinny bee-yotch just had a baby?!? You look fabulous! Great idea re: the cardigan, never would have thought of that but it totally works!
Shana, this is amazing! You hit the nail on the head! Would you believe I have almost the EXACT black & white striped top? Loving all the flares - I do have some old Sevens & even some Diesel flares packed away I've been waiting to bust out. You're right, flip flops look great w/flares, although I may have to invest in some (non-Dansko) clogs until spring officially hits. I DIE for that hoodie! OMG!!! THANK YOU!
I was SO PSYCHED to sign into Google Reader today & see the entirety of your awesome posts, pictures of your gorgeous selves, etc. Thanks for fixing this!
Freakin' hot-pink, glossy lipped, Sephora guy! Does he moonlight at the Sephora here in DC too? "Girl." LMAO!
I started this today but got a little stuck. The pictures speak, but they say so many different things. Sometimes "that's beautiful," "she's beautiful," or "wow, that look would really work for next week's baby shower / wedding / playgroup / family function." I think I should be focusing on the whole look, pictures where I can truly say "that's ME," or "that could be me." Worried this might land me in the same rut I've been in for years though ... help!
Shana, I knew we were kindred spirits! I resisted the skinnies for exactly the same reason (been there, done that, thought I couldn't go back). So glad you are helping me throw my old "rules" out the window. Thanks to this blog I resolve to at least stay somewhat current!
This post came to mind last night while watching the indie flick "Please Give" - Hilary Swank was rocking the Danskos with a skirt! Case in point: her character was an aesthetician in NYC. Totally appropriate IMHO.
You are adorable (and so is Pax)! I also wear something NONSTOP when it is new - until I am totally sick of it. :)
Ok, I don't get it re: this picture. Definitely not among the more spectacular shots on Sartorialist. This is how we all dress on the East Coast - just looks like your typical chick working in retail in NYC. Maybe the wall behind her is photo-worthy? Great colors but that is all for me. Will add to my file of what not to wear w/skinnies (already included: my own faux Reebok white high top sneakers & long teal striped sweaters from 1986).
Is this really back? In High School I wore my Mom's vintage bells from the 1970s - super high waisted, SO COOL. I really do think they are flattering, bells + clogs ... definitely a tried & true look for me! I'm ashamed to admit that I JUST started wearing my skinnies in earnest since the baby weight is officially gone, hence scouring this site for styling ideas. I knew it was time to get on the bandwagon when I realized I haven't seen MY YOUNGER BROTHER (30) in anything but skinnies - I am talking super skinny - in literally years. I used to have a rule: if you're old enough to have "done" a particular style before, when it resurrects 10-15 years later you're not allowed to do it again. I.e. my Mom was not allowed to wear the vintage bells but I was. It's painful to realize I'm getting old enough to eat my words!
I totally requested little sister Scotti's awesome boots for Christmas & got 'em! Hubby found them at Sears on sale - lucky me! Pre-kid, I had zero cute shoes that were not also 4" heels. Perfect for my new lifestyle, thank you!