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"is this just a easy, well-paying job that should be a civil service position or simply eliminated?" Yes, yes and yes. Like most of county government, the duties of this "elected office" can be summarized as getting yourself elected to get paid to do next-to-nothing and maybe hire a few cronies who helped you get elected. County government is a relic of a bygone era. Any actual work done could be much more efficiently done at the state or local level. Mostly it's just one more way for the politically connected to get themselves onto the public payroll.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2008 on Campaign for change at The Somerville News Blog
Marzilli is out of office and facing charges. Larry Craig PLEAD GUILTY to soliciting sex in an airport men's room and paid a fine, and then tried to change his story when it became public. And he has refused to resign.
Google the I-holes last statement and you will see he is plagiarizing directly from a neo-nazi hate site ("america news journal"). Either he's plagiarizing or he wrote the article originally. With friends like the I-hole, it's safe to say Bob Trane doesn't need enemies.
Sorry for your loss but you are not making any sense. Most people are perfectly capable of going to public events without getting in an "altercation". It involves staying away from people who tend to be involved in "altercations" and simply walking away when someone is trying to pick a fight with you. Your suggestion is akin to banning all driving as a response to a drunk driving fatality.